Things to do in Bad Reichenhall, Germany

things to do in Bad Reichenhall
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Wow, you’re awesome! I bet not many people can brag about the fact that they have visited this beautiful tiny city. And if you’re reading this post, you’re probably planning to go there and wondering about things to do in Bad Reichenhall.

Let’s start then.

Here are the top things to do in Bad Reichenhall:

– Go hiking in The Alps

Hiking is probably the best activity out of the things to do in Bad Reichenhall. It’s actually very easy to get to the Alps, not more than just 30 minutes walking from the city center. In order to know, where to go and which route to take, check the maps in advance. Also, keep in mind, that hiking at the end of February till the beginning of April might be a bit dangerous due to the melting snow.


There are plenty of very scenic routes. Here are the examples of the panoramas you can see from the mountains.


In case, you didn’t bring the right outfit for hiking, there are PLENTY of shops in Bad Reichenhall, where you can find some proper boots for walking or other useful stuff. They will cost you a fortune (usually more than 150 euros) but you can be sure, that the quality is great.

– Go to the Thermal Baths

If you went hiking properly, I’m sure, on the next day, you would want to have pure relaxation. Thermal Baths in Bad Reichenhall are awesome! The best part is outside and it’s especially amazing to swim in hot water when the temperature outdoors is below zero. I must admit it’s my favourite activity out of all the things to do in Bad Reichenhall.

Also, there is a great sauna complex but you probably need to know that everybody goes there naked: bikinis are not allowed. So if you’re brave enough – go on 🙂


– Discover lake Thumsee nearby

Lake Thumsee is located just a short walk away from Berchtesgaden and in spring or summer it’s totally worth visiting.


– Check the church and the scenic lookout over Bad Reichenhall

Again, just a short walk away there is a scenic hill with a very beautiful church. It’s quite tiring to climb up there, but the panorama is worth all the efforts.


– Have a beer in one of the authentic local taverns

There are plenty of breweries, restaurants and taverns in Bad Reichenhall and all of them are amazing and very authentic. One of the oldest taverns, Aegedi Keller offers many beers most of which you won’t be able to encounter anywhere else.

My brother is advertising some local beer here, in this photo 🙂

Brother & beer

– In case it’s winter, go skiing!

Because you’re in the Alps! You can take a bus to the famous Jennerbahn or to Schönau am Königsee and enjoy skiing in German Alps.


– Explore the towns nearby

Every single town in this part of Germany is very unique. And most of them are worth hiring a car/taking a train or bus and exploring them. Berchtesgaden is probably the best one (and has the most scenic views over the mountains). Also, you can go to Salzburg, one of the most famous cities of Austria by just taking a bus or train! Salzburg is just 20 km away from Bad Reichenhall.


– Cross the German-Austrian border walking

Bad Reichenhall is actually located almost on the border of Germany with Austria. If you walk few hundreds of meters towards the town called Bayrisch Gmain, you’ll see the border yourself. The border is actually driving a bigger town into two parts: Bayrisch Gmain – the German part and Grossgmain- the Austrian part.


– In case it’s summer, hire a bike

And take one of the most scenic and incredible routes. You can even go to Salzburg by bike, it’s not so far as I already mentioned above, but the view you’ll see will be incredible.


– Finish the day in the old-fashioned cinema

Even though the cinema “Kurkino Bad Reichenhall” really looks like something from a movie (or from the 1930s), it shows some new movies as well as the old ones. You can buy the tickets right before the screening and don’t worry, the tickets won’t be sold out.


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things to do in Bad Reichenhall


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