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In this post, I’ll tell you about things to do in Yerevan, Armenia and what to see during just one day in Yerevan. To be honest, I didn’t expect Yerevan to be so nice, so I only dedicated one day to this lovely capital of Armenia (Compared to 3 days in Georgia) and regretted it, because Yerevan definitely deserves more than one day. However, if you’re just like us, working full-time and not having enough vacation days, you can as well spend there just one day.

We managed to see a huge bit of Georgia and Armenia (we crossed 2/3 of Georgia and almost 1/2 of Armenia by buses) in just 5 days. Are you interested in visiting Tbilisi, Georgia too? In this post, I wrote about everything you need to know about Tbilisi!

Things to see in Yerevan, Armenia in one day:

1. The Cascade

Built in the XXth century, the Cascade is one of the most impressive monuments in Yerevan. From the top of the Cascade, you can see the famous Mount Ararat – the tallest mountain in Armenia.

Cascade in Yerevan

2. Singing fountains at the Republic Square

The Republic Square is very impressive by itself. However, it also has some really nice singing fountain show.

3. The Statue of Mother Armenia

In every single post-USSR country there is a statue of Mother-country (which looks different in every country) and in Armenia it’s very impressive, standing on the hill on top of the city.

4. Take a photo in front of the National Theatre of Armenia

It looks really awesome!

National Theatre of Armenia

5. Taste some of the traditional dishes in a national Armenian restaurant

Armenian cuisine is amazing. It’s very similar to Georgian cuisine and a bit similar to the Iranian cuisine. However, be careful with it and don’t eat a lot – otherwise, you might get a stomach disorder. Be also careful where you eat – I got a severe food poisoning in Armenia in the Tavern restaurant and I won’t recommend you to go there, unfortunately.

Dolma - traditional Armenian dish

6. Visit the Armenian Genocide Museum

If you have enough time during just one day in Yerevan, head to the Armenian Genocide Museum to learn more about the history of Armenian people and the genocide – a dark and sad spot in the Armenian history.

7. Visit the Armenian Brandy Factory Ararat

Armenia is very famous for its brandy or cognac, how they usually call it. It works every day from 9 to 20:00 and is a great spot to learn more about the production of the famous brandy Ararat.

Tours to take from Yerevan

If you’re in Yerevan for more days, you can take one of the tours to go outside Yerevan and explore the fabulous Armenian nature. For example, there is a tour to the ancient Armenian monastery – you can check the availability on GetYourGuide now!

Where to stay in Yerevan?

Yerevan has a wide range of inexpensive hotels and hostels and the quality of them is very good (unlike Tbilisi, where we had to move out from our hostel).

You can check these hotels out, they have amazing reviews and are likely to sell out soon:
– 5* Grand Hotel Yerevan (it costs less than £110 and is the most luxurious hotel in Yerevan City Centre)
-3-4* – Daniel Boutique Hotel
– 2* – Kesabella Touristic House
– Hostels: Arm Hostel

Our impressions of Yerevan:

Yerevan was built in the 1930s (even though it’s a very old city before it looked completely different – the city was made of wood) and looks like a monumental Soviet city. People are very friendly in Armenia, however, only very few spoke English. If you know a bit of Russian – it’s a huge benefit, because almost every single person in Armenia speaks Russian (it’s surprising, because Russia doesn’t even have a border with Armenia). Yerevan has plenty of cafes with terraces and people really like dressing up and looking great as well as sitting in these cafes and relaxing.

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Things to do in Yerevan, Armenia. One day in Yerevan | Tripsget

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  1. Having lived in Yerevan for 6 years as an expat, I loved reading your post and see all the familiar pictures. I’ve been up and down the Cascade dozens of times (great exercise!) and one of my favorite things to do was sit at the Marriott Hotel terrace on Republic Square and watch the people go by, especially the young women dressed to kill! Loads of fun. By the way, not a surprise so many people speak Russian — Armenia is a FSR (Former Soviet Republic) and in those days Russian was the official language. Armenia was the home language.

  2. Hi!!! I am from Armenia))) and it really nice to read this post!!! I’m proud that I am leaving this wonderful city


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