Things you need to know before moving to Edinburgh to study

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Edinburgh is amazing and for sure one of the most beautiful cities on Earth and has one of the greatest universities in the world (UoE). However, here are the things you need to know, if you are going to study in Edinburgh!

Things you need to know before coming to study in Edinburgh

1. It’s REALLY difficult to find a flat

That’s why many students come up to 1 month prior to the start of the semester. Around 1-2 weeks before the start of the semester, a real flat hunt starts! You really have to monitor Gumtree and various accommodation groups on Facebook (like Edinroom) every 5-10 minutes and be the first who sends a DM (direct message) or posts a comment. Seems like it’s hard to study in Edinburgh, right? (Or to live, I guess).


2. The weather is unpredictable, but don’t bring summer clothes, you won’t need them

Scottish summer is very cold and rainy. Prepare to wear pretty much the same clothes you wear all year round. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get to experience some days with the temperature over 20 degrees (but that doesn’t happen very often, huh).


3. You won’t understand pretty much anything the Scots say in the very beginning (unless you’re from the North of England)

Scottish accent sounds like a totally different language. And well, it’s kinda hard to understand. But I’m sure with time you’ll get used to it or maybe even catch it a little bit and will start saying Edinbra and so on 🙂


4. You’ll see many men in Kilts, it will be unusual but eventually, you’ll get used to it

Because kilts are awesome! Lots of Scottish men go to some special events (e.g. theatre night or anniversary dinner) using their kilts, so don’t be afraid if you suddenly encounter a group of men wearing kilts.


5. There’s a Festival in Edinburgh in August

And it’s pretty amazing! Edinburgh will be super full but as a student, you’ll enjoy the reality of not needing to hire a flat during the festivals (actually, you could earn some money moving in with friends and renting your room for about 1000 pounds during the festival time). Wanna know more about Edinburgh Festivals? Read this post! Or this one 🙂


6. You’ll miss your national food (everybody does)

Well, because restaurants in Edinburgh aren’t so fabulous, you’ll see. However, there’re some nice ones, but they will cost you a fortune.


7.Everything is really expensive

Edinburgh is almost as expensive as London (except for the accommodation expenses). But of course, if you’re from Singapore or Switzerland, Edinburgh prices won’t surprise you (they will actually make you happy, lol).


8. Try to find /buy discount card

At the universities, special promoters usually give out (or sell for 1 pound) this card in the beginning of the academic year (freshers’ week), so better stay attentive if you want some great 15-20% discounts in bars like the Pear Tree, Malones and Finnegan’s Wake!


9. Be ready for the very short days in winter and some really long days in summer

Can it really get dark around 3:30 pm? Yes, totally! Prepare to have a very short day in winter and be sleepy all the time. For all these sufferings you’ll have some awesome long summer nights!

10. Forget about great nightlife

Nightlife in Edinburgh is all about pubs (which close quite early, around 1-2 am) and very average nightclubs full of freshers and high school kids (which also close around 2-2:30). If you want some proper clubbing, you’ll need to go to the Edinburgh Airport and fly somewhere else.


P.s.: it’s prohibited to buy alcohol in the supermarkets after 22:00, so in case you’re organising a party, buy your booze before 10 pm.

Wanna know about more lifehacks in order to stay in Edinburgh on budget? Read this post!

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