Tips for Visiting India for the First Time

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Planning a trip to India soon? In this post, I wanted to share with you some tips for visiting India for the first time. Without further ado, let’s get started!

About India: Why visit India?

One of the oldest and biggest countries in the world, India is an amazing mix of multicultural civilizations. A very attractive country with rich history and lots of things to see and do. From tropical rainforests and beaches to snow-covered Himalayan peaks and bustling cities, India is a very distinct country with plenty to offer. India also has an incredible amount of Instagrammable places!

As you travel throughout the country, you get to experience many different cuisines, religious beliefs, tribes, lands, crafts, nature, historic places, and adventure spots. The mix of old and modern is what India is all about. 

You will see colorful old bazaars and modern shopping malls, traditional houses next to luxury villas, all blending in together in a unique mix. No matter if you prefer going to mountains, forests, beaches, the Indian Ocean, exploring cities, or going on a backpacking adventure – India has great options for all types of travelers!

Read on for everything you may need when preparing for a trip to India!

The best tips for first-time travelers to India (tips for visiting India for the first time)

Apply for your eVisa 3 days before your trip

Every foreign visitor must have an appropriate entry permit to visit India. It’s crucial to get your eVisa before your travel to enter the country without any issues.

Apply for your entry permit online using your phone or laptop. Spare just a few minutes to complete the application process. But don’t forget to carefully check the application form to make sure there are no errors. This will prevent any delays or issues with approval!

Moreover, check the eVisa to India requirements to be certain that your application will be successfully approved.

Visit India at the right time of the year

You should also consider which part of India you are visiting. That is because India is a very large territory with many different weather conditions. In general, the best season to visit the country is between October and March. We visited North India in February and the weather was perfect!

December is the high-season in some parts with lots of tourists, while the mountainous parts are often closed during the last month of the year. May, June, and July are months that receive heavy rainfall and are not ideal months for traveling. 

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Pack only essentials

Take only the most important things with you, such as a good backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping mask, travel pillow, portable charger, battery lamp, and filtered water bottle. Of course, wear comfortable shoes and clothes, but do not stuff your bags too much. 

Keep an open mind and be prepared for everything

Put your expectations aside. Expectations will only burden you. Be prepared for a unique adventure and plan to explore. When it comes to your budget, India is a relatively cheap country. It is wise to carry a credit or debit card, and only carry smaller amounts of cash for everyday purchases. 

Make a little research for the region you plan to visit 

Make a list of few attractions you want to visit. You cannot see all, because there are a lot, so plan to see the most attractive ones.

Do not try to travel all across India on one trip

India is not like Europe, where you can explore several great cities within a few days. It is a huge country and is impossible to visit every place, even if you stay there for months. Instead, relax and explore the city where you land, and possibly go to one or two other places nearby. 

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Summary of visiting India for the first time

India is a land of many contrasts. It is a welcoming country, full of nice and friendly people. Lovely beaches, amazing hills and mountains, historical landmarks, pilgrimage sites, long sandy deserts, tropical forests, colourful villages, and vibrant cities are some things that attract every tourist. Experience India for an unforgettable holiday!

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