Top things to do in Iceland for the first timers

first timer's guide to Iceland
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There is no doubt about the fact that Iceland is one of the most breathtaking and most beautiful countries that is on top of everyone’s bucket list right now. This is one of the best countries in terms of landscapes, entertainment, and adventures. With its contrasting sceneries, it makes you wonder if it is even part of the same world we live in. This country has been flooded with the richness of the thermal pools, volcanoes, and glaciers that gain a lot of attention from locals and tourists alike.

Reykjavik, being the country’s capital and access point, has its own charm with several things to do to keep you occupied for weeks. If you are press in time, it is probably wiser to find a tour agency that can handle the nitty-gritty details of the trip. There are several tour agencies that can arrange some fun Reykjavik excursions for you and group to make the most of your first time in Iceland. It only takes a quick research and price comparison to pick the best agency and have the best trip experience.

first timer's guide to Iceland

As a first time visitor, it is super easy to get a headache when choosing which ones to do first out of several hundreds of exciting things to do in Iceland. So, read on to find out which ones are the best things to do on your first trip in this magical country.

Take a Bath in Blue Lagoon

When talking out about Iceland, it is probably ironic to find tons of geothermal pools around here. The most visited and most popular one is the Blue Lagoon that is only around 10 minutes drive from the airport. During the winter season, the sunset in the Blue Lagoon is simply magical and mesmerizing with a great bonus of warming up from freezing temperatures.

Watch Whales in Iceland

If you love seeing the whale dance then choosing Iceland is the best destination for sure.  It is roughly located at the distance of 3-4 hours of the drive to the Reykjavik as this is the perfect way to see whales in their natural habitat.

In Iceland, you will be getting the chance to get closer to the cuisine of Iceland.  You can head your way straight to the delicious restaurants in Reykjavik and try on with some of the local dishes adding on with the Harðfiskur which consists of dried fish.  

Catch the Appealing Sunset at Vik & Dyrhólaey

If you want to watch the sunset then do not miss out the chance of heading your way into the Vik and Dyrhólaey. You can see the sun as slowly descend over the horizon, and you will be falling in love with this place for sure. You would be attending this place as extraordinary and exceptional to visit around with your partner. This place is extremely romantic to visit with your partner at the night time. There are some amusement park options for your kids as well that are completely based on the theme concepts being involved in the amusement parks.

The Golden Circle

You can also make your way all over Iceland by taking the route of the Golden Circle that is itself indulged with the richness of the incredible and breathtaking sceneries. The stunning route comprises of extremely gorgeous destinations on the southwest side of the country. You can pop over to the Pingvellir National Park which is the only UNESCO world heritage on Iceland’s mainland. Then, you make your way to the Geysir Geothermal Area where it is peppered with hot springs where you can enjoy a spectacular nature show of boiling water jetting off every 5-10 minutes. Last stop on the Golden Circle tour is the Gullfoss waterfall which translates to Golden falls. It is probably the mightiest waterfalls in Iceland with two stages of strong descending water that could easily be mistaken as two separate features.

All these three stopovers at the Golden Circle route are no more than 2 hours away from Reykjavik which means you can easily see them all within a day.


first timer's guide to Iceland

Skogafoos is only 2 hours away from the distance of the airport and some considered it as a must-see waterfall in Iceland. Its water sources come directly from two large glaciers called Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull which makes it unique from the rest. You can make your entry as free of cost which is also probably why it is always crowded with the tourists all the time. So, it is best to go there early to have the place all to yourself.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding has been always regarded to be giving out the best experience to Iceland. You can also head to the Tundra and catch with some of the Icelandic trolls.  You can walk yourself behind the waterfall at the Seljalandsfoss. This waterfall is located at the distance that is approximately a 10-minute drive from Skógafoss. This place is worth visiting for sure.

Jökulsárlón Glacier

first timer's guide to Iceland

Last but not the least, a visit to the glacier lake of Jökulsárlón that is a much alluring place to visit it all year round. This destination is located at the distance of around 5 hours of driving from the Keflavik airport.

There are so many of the best attractions and things which you can view out in Iceland as a first time visitor. You should make the list of the destinations which you want to explore in Iceland and we are sure that this journey will remain with you throughout the whole life.


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