Your ultimate guide to the rides in Universal Studios Singapore!

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Amusement parks are so much fun and more if they are the themed ones. Here you can find the ultimate guide to rides in Universal Studios Singapore and also some lifehacks and useful tips.

The first thing you need to know about the Universal Studios Singapore is that it’s really crowded. Always. Any time. You can basically spend the whole days queuing for the rides in Universal Studios Singapore (the average queuing time is around 60-120 minutes) and it isn’t cool. All these queues can really cast a pall over your joy & excitement.

What can you do? You can buy an express pass either inside the park or in advance (with some discount) and skip all the queues once for nearly all of the rides. Yes, it makes your visit to the Universal Studios Singapore more expensive. But, IMHO, it’s 100% worth it.

Let’s start! Once you get inside the studios, you’ll enter the Hollywood area with some pretty funny dancing shows and performances. I’m not the biggest fan of the performances (come on, why to watch it if there are RIDES!).


If you go a bit deeper inside the park, you’ll get to the New York part of the Universal Studios Singapore. So what’s there?

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase – well, in case, you are an extreme fan of Sesame Street or you have literally nothing to do and this is the only attraction left, then it makes sense to go there. Otherwise, you won’t understand what’s going on or what are you doing at all. You’re sitting in a car, which slowly goes through some weird Sesame street decorations. That’s pretty much it. Sounds amusing, doesn’t it?

There’s nothing else in the New York park except for some dancing performances.

And then comes the most interesting part: Sci-Fy city! It really has accumulated the best rides there are in the park:

Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON™ – there are basically two rides, Human, and Cylon. The Cylon one has a loop and is a really extreme attraction, I would say it’s one of the best attractions there are in the Universal Studios Singapore. The queue to this is obviously very long (and not long at all in case you have the Express Pass) but it’s worth it. Surprisingly, the queue for HUMAN was even longer than for CYLON, around 120 minutes (sounds just insane) and the ride was pretty cool but I wouldn’t call it something special.


TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle – this ride is actually awesome! And it’s probably not similar to anything you have experienced before. Why? First of all, it’s in 3D. You feel like you’re in the 3D cinema except for the fact that you’re actually in a car, which is moving, jumping, turning and so on. You’ll enjoy it tons if you aren’t motion sick. In case you suffer from motion sickness, prepare to be dizzy for a while.

If you had enough of Sci-Fy city, you can carry on and head to the Ancient Egypt. This part looks just so beau-u-u-tiful. Even if you aren’t eager to visit any attractions there (even though they are awesome), it’s worth to stay there for a while and take some snaps of the beautiful decorations representing Ancient Egypt (In case, you’ve been to Egypt, forget about all what I just said).

As for the attractions, there’s Revenge of the Mummy! Even though Revenge of the Mummy isn’t as extreme as Battlestar Galactica, for example, it’s great from the prospective of special effects. You will really experience the atmosphere of all these mummies coming alive and so on. And you’ll have a ride in darkness, which is awesome too! Don’t hesitate to go there, it’s a must!


Treasure Hunters I haven’t visited myself. The express pass didn’t work for it and moreover, it didn’t seem amusing to me. I would say it’s an attraction for small kids who like observing decorations. But being in an extremely slowly moving cart is rather boring for an adult.

That’s pretty much it for Ancient Egypt. And ahead is the Lost World. Based on the famous Jurassic Park, it’s definitely one of the most entertaining zones of the amusement park.


You can either climb the wall at Amber Rock Climb or fly in a cart resembling a dragon in Dino-Soarin. The latter one is actually pretty fun even though it looks like a ride for kids only.

There’s also Canopy Flyer, which you can’t visit using the Express pass. In the evening, the queue usually doesn’t exceed 45 minutes, so it’s okay to wait. The ride is pretty short but nonetheless very enjoyable!

The best attraction of the Lost World, however, is the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. In order to go there, you need to put all your belongings in a special locker so they don’t soak cuz there will be water! Lots of water! In the end, however, I was a bit disappointed because I expected something more exciting and thrilling but at least there was one great moment which made the ride totally worth going!

As for the lockers, you can go back to the mummy attraction and leave your things there in a locker for free. Another advantage of the Universal Studios Singapore express pass: in case you’re standing in all the queues, 50 minutes free won’t be enough for storing your belongings even just for 1 ride, so you’ll have to pay for a locker.

Once you visited all that you wanted to visit in the Lost World part, you could go to the Far Far away part, dedicated to Shrek and Puss in the boots. There’s even a small roller coaster, called Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey (giant, really???) But it’s pretty much fun, too.


As for Shrek 4-D Adventure, it’s nice and funny (the first part is a bit too long, though), but it’s definitely not as great as the 4D Imax cinema in Disneyland Hong Kong. I would recommend Shrek 4-D adventure to all the biggest fans of Shrek and everyone, who is tired of queuing and wants to visit some attraction ASAP.

The other two attractions, Magic Potion Spin, and Enchanted Airways are for children, so I cannot give you any advice about them.

The last remaining zone is Madagascar (and the biggest disappointment too). Why? Because the very promising Madagascar: A Crate Adventure is probably the most disappointing attraction ever! You sit in a small car (train). It moves. You see the figures of the main characters on Madagascar and hear some music and dialogues. That’s it. It’s even worse than Sesame Street! (What can be worse than Sesame Street Attraction?)

The last attraction left is King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round and I can say that even this one is better than the Crate Adventure! It’s actually a pretty fun traditional Marry-Go-Round with the characters from Madagascar. And the queue isn’t long at all.

So, that’s it for the rides in Universal Studios Singapore. Should you ask me whether to go there or not, I would say «Yes! Definitely! But… only if you buy an express pass». Otherwise, you’ll end up staying 1-2 hours queueing for each attraction (and don’t forget, it’s very hot and humid in Singapore).

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The ultimate guide to the rides in Universal Studios Singapore

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