Unique apartments to rent in London: find your perfect homestay

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Hey guys, in this post, I’d like to tell you about the 3 unique apartments to rent in London. London has plenty of absolutely wonderful hotels for any taste and price, however, sometimes it’s just nicer to stay in an apartment and see, how do people actually live in the city. I was often staying in the apartments, when I was travelling to Nice, Paris, Madrid and even Geneva, so it all helped me to see the real life of the real people and meet the culture of the country a bit better!

Reasons to choose an apartment over a hotel

1. What are other reasons to stay in an apartment (and not in the hotel)? Well, if you’re good at cooking, you can buy local ingredients and prepare your own dishes. Having a kitchen is a great benefit if you’re staying in the city for more than 4 days. 4 days, I think, it’s the optimal amount of time when you kind of feel tired of eating out 3 times a day and think of buying your own groceries and prepare your own meals (or at least the breakfast and /or dinner).

2. The second reasons to choose an apartment over the hotel is often the location. Sometimes you need to be located in a specific place and maybe there are no hotels there (or you don’t like the hotels there). That happened to me before. With a wide range of apartments, you can literally find a place pretty much everywhere.

3. That homey feeling. Nothing gives your a better homey feeling than a cozy apartment. I’ve stayed in apartments where I wanted to stay to live [like forever].

4. Price. Apartments are often cheaper than the hotels, as they don’t need to be cleaned and maintained at the same level as the hotels. No need to pay for the staff and no need to pay for the entire building!

So here, I’d like to share with you 3 unique apartments to rent in London for your perfect holiday!

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Mews Haus Chiswick

If you want to stay in a typical English mews house (hey, I wanted to rent one of those so badly – no I actually still want) – you should definitely rent an apartment of the Mews Haus Chiswick. It’s a bit far from London city centre – so it’s probably for people who would like to stay off the beaten path and away from the crowds, but this place is truly gorgeous!

Just look at these interiors!

Mews Haus ChiswickThe location is great if you like staying closer to the nature: just in 15 minutes you can walk to the river Thames and in 30 minutes you will reach the gorgeous Royal Botanical Garden!

Beaufort House – Knightsbridge

If you want to live just a few steps away from the legendary Harrods department store, Beaufort House – is a great option for you. Don’t think you would visit Harrods only once, no way, Jose. During my first ever trip to London (that lasted for a good month), I went to Harrods at least 7 times!

And when renting an apartment in Beaufort House, you can actually cook all these exclusive products you can buy in Harrods Food Hall – the most luxurious grocery store in London!

Beaufort House - Knightsbridge

Europa House Apartments

And the last but not least of the cool and unique apartments to rent in London is Europa House Apartments. It has a nice and neat interior and only 14 apartments to book – all of them come with a kitchen and wooden floors. Europe House Apartments is located in one of my favourite zones in London – gorgeous little Venice. It’s not so crowded and that makes it even more appealing. Actually, one of the best brunch places in London, the Elgin is located there (read this post to find out about more amazing brunch spots in London).

Europa House Apartments

You can book these properties via this link and get 25 euros travel credit!

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Unique apartments to rent in London | Find your perfect homestay

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