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Our Victorian House Renovation Progress: Month 2 – Bathroom and Bedroom refurb

Our Victorian House Renovation Progress: Month 2 – Bathroom and Bedroom refurb
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Hi guys, in this post, I wanted to give you some updates on our Victorian House renovation progress. We’re currently in the second month, and we almost completed our bathroom and bedroom refurb. We’re currently working on the kitchen and hoping that the month of eating microwave meals will soon be over.

So here’s a short update on how is our Victorian home renovation in London going along (in photos).

Bathroom refurb

I already published a post about the cost of refurbishing a bathroom in London, so if you’re interested, feel free to check it out. In total, it took about 14 days to renovate our bathroom, and all the work was done by specialists. However, I’m still thinking about the final design and decor, and most likely, we are going to paint the wall behind our mirror green. Let’s see how it goes!

Bedroom refurb and decor

Our bedroom was 1/2 done by us and 1/2 done by traders. We stripped off old wallpaper ourselves and removed the carpet. Then, somebody came to plaster the walls. Later on, we primed and painted ourselves and invited a trader to put engineered wood flooring and skirting boards. Later, we also painted these skirting boards white.

Then we assembled our furniture (mostly from and Ikea in case you’re wondering). I like this storage bed from and started investing in decor (mainly prints from Etsy).

There will be a separate post about our Master bedroom transformation, where I will link to all the beautiful prints and decor we purchased for it.


Finally, we started our kitchen renovation. Now, with kitchen, I’m unsure if it was a right decision after all – everything was working (except for our water pressure & gas hob), however, the design was way too rustic for us. I just felt like it’s not my kitchen and I didn’t want to use it much.

We have disassembled all the kitchen, started painting kitchen cabinet doors and hired an electrician, a plumber and a plasterer to fix a few things in the kitchen. Afterwards, we painted it white with the Dulux paint for kitchen in Easy Cotton and placed laminate on the floors.

Right now, we are in the process of buying new appliances, fitting them, assembling kitchen cabinets and painting the remaining kitchen doors and mouldings.

Summary of our Victorian house renovation progress: month 2 of house refurb in London

Alright, so that was a summary of our Victorian house renovation progress. We are currently in our 3rd month of a house refurb in London, and it’s been going very slow as we are both working full-time (remotely). However, in the next ten days, we need to speed up, strip off remaining wallpaper in the living room, paint it and put engineered wood floors in place.

Wish us luck!

You can follow our Victorian terrace refurb progress on Instagram! Find as at @ourlondoncottage

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