Stockholm 3 day travel pass: is it worth it? [& best attractions in Stockholm]

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Is Stockholm 3 day travel pass worth it? Read this post to find out about visiting the best attractions in Stockholm with the Stockholm pass! We spent in the capital of Sweden, beautiful Stockholm just two full days, however, we managed to see what people normally see in more days with the Stockholm 3 day travel pass. Pepe and I really enjoyed our weekend in Stockholm and wanted to thank Visit Stockholm for providing us with the Stockholm passes and cards of honour. We used them a lot!

In Stockholm, we stayed at the Memory Hotel Kista, that is located just 30 minutes by metro from the city centre. Also, it’s only 30 minutes away from Stockholm Arlanda and the price for 2 days was very affordable (for the Stockholm standards). If you’re looking for a hotel in Stockholm city centre, I would recommend checking Hotel At Six and Downtown Camper by Scandic.

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We get asked a lot, which camera gear do we use. Long story short, we use Sony A7 III with the Samyang 35 mm compact lens, Sony A6000 with the kit lens and iPhone 8 Plus. 

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Is the Stockholm pass worth it?

Depending on your travel style, you should decide for yourself, whether you need Stockholm pass or not. However, based on our experience, Stockholm pass makes life easier. The majority of museums, boat excursions and even day trips are included in the price, and that means, you won’t hesitate whether to visit any museum or better walk around the city. I usually do hesitate a lot, when it comes to paying entry tickets, I’m just scared of being disappointed (it happened to me a couple of times in the past). However, if I have passes, I tend to visit way more museums and attractions and end up enjoying the trip more.

Stockholm travel pass comes in different lengths and prices: the shorter, the cheaper. Stockholm travel pass for 1 day only would cost you 645 SEK (64 euros), 2-day pass would be 845 SEK (around 85 Euros), Stockholm 3 day travel pass would be already 1045 SEK (100 Euros) and finally, the longest, 5 day travel pass would be 1345 SEK (around 130 Euros).

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Stockholm 3 day travel pass: is it worth it? [& best attractions in Stockholm]

I would say the 3 day Stockholm travel pass would be ideal because the capital of Sweden isn’t massive (like London) and you don’t need 5 days to explore all the attractions. Actually, in just 2 days, we covered all the major attractions, so if we stayed for a day more, we would have taken a day trip to Archipelago or the Viking Village (there are also included in the Stockholm travel pass).

Best attractions in Stockholm to visit with the Stockholm 3 day travel pass

Now comes the most exciting part – the best attractions in Stockholm. I would probably name it the best and worst attractions in Stockholm, but I only have one museum I didn’t like (Pepe didn’t like it either, so it would be probably fair to say that WE didn’t enjoy it). The rest have been great, and I totally recommend you to visit them.

If it’s your first time in Stockholm, I recommend taking this land & water bus tour that will tell you everything you need to know about Stockholm! >>>

Okay, here’s the list of my favourite attractions in Stockholm:

1. Skansen & Aquarium

I love open-air museums, and Skansen wasn’t an exception. You can perfectly spend an entire day there because it has a zoo, aquarium, 1000 workshops and it’s just giant!

Skansen Museum in Stockholm

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2. Vasa Museum

My second favourite was probably the Vasa museum: you can see the real Vasa ship, and it’s really impressive.

Vasa Museum in Stockholm

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3. Nordic Museum

I liked a lot the Nordic museum and was happy to visit it with the 3 day Stockholm travel pass. The Nordic Museum isn’t an average museum: it tells you more about the Swedish style of life, traditions and culture in an unusual way.

Nordic Museum Stockholm pass

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4. The Royal Palace

I liked visiting the Royal Palace! At 12, there is the change of guards (which is impressive), so I recommend you to combine your visit to the palace with the change of guards. The only little problem here: everybody wants to do that, so it’s going to be very crowded! I really adored the Royal Apartments.

Stockholm 3 day travel pass: is it worth it? [& best attractions in Stockholm]

5. Nobel Museum

Another museum that I liked a lot was the Nobel Museum, where you can learn a bit more about the Nobel Prize winners and the importance of their work to the history of the humanity.

6. Royal Canal Tour

Okay, this one is not a museum, but it’s a tour that you can take absolutely for free with the Stockholm pass. It lasts for 50 minutes, and it’s very relaxing.

Stockholm 3 day travel pass: is it worth it? [& best attractions in Stockholm]

7. Tivoli – Grona Lund

With the Stockholm pass, you don’t need to pay for the entry. You need to pay for all the attractions separately (and unfortunately, they aren’t any cheap).

Stockholm 3 day travel pass: is it worth it? [& best attractions in Stockholm]
Stockholm metro

The only museum I didn’t like in Stockholm:

Alright, as I already told you, there was a museum I disliked in Stockholm, and that was the spirit museum. There was pretty much nothing to see except for different drawings of alcohol and a couple of installations. I expected something like the Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh, Scotland (which is awesome – if you haven’t heard of it – just read this post I wrote about the best Edinburgh attractions featuring the Scotch Whisky Experience).

Skansen Museum in Stockholm

I hope this post was useful for you and helped you decide whether you need the Stockholm 3 day travel pass or you can survive without it. Liked this post? Share it on Social Media

Disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links. That means that we get a tiny commission if you book something using our links for absolutely no extra cost for you.

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  1. Stockholm pass isn’t worth the money. Particularly 1 day pass in the summer. Many people visit a city for 2-3 days . First day getting your bearings, walking in the city. The next day you try to see couple of museums and this is it. Currently, 1 day Stockholm Pass is for 720 Sek to get the pass worth the money, you need to visit at least 4-5 attractions on a single day. It might be possible ( and better idea) when it is cold so you do some indoor stuff otherwise it is not worth the money.

    Some sites say if u go to Drottningholm Palace by boat , it is worth it but one way journey by boat takes 1 hour, you need to spend at least couple of hours in the place then an hour to return to the city. You spent all your day. Anyways, I thought I mention it.


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