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Hi, everyone, it’s been a while since we posted our last blog update. Many things happened in the previous months. We are currently living in London as always, and a couple of weeks ago, our prime minister announced that the entire country is now in a proper lockdown.

So here is how the global pandemic has affected us and what are we currently doing. I will also try to share with you our plans for the future (for after the pandemic).

Travel industry is in ruins, so are travel bloggers

As you can imagine, the travel industry is one of the sectors that was hit the most during the coronavirus outbreak. Most of the countries shut their borders, cancelled all the non-essential flights, and some countries went even further by introducing a quarantine. Our blog was no exception. I can confirm that sadly, we lost about 90% of our traffic and but 95% of our income.

I must say that we are quite fortunate as we are both working full-time, and we never actually relied on their blog income to survive. I am really sorry for my fellow content creators who are full-time bloggers and depend on their blog income for living. The loss of sponsorship requests, paid press trips and ad revenue is relatively common these days.

When is everything going to be back to normal?

However, I personally think that the measures are justified and going out and travelling should be sacrificed for a greater good. The most valuable asset that we have in our life is our health. It’s important to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. These measures are essentially helping us to not worry so much about our family and friends (and about ourselves).

Honestly, nobody knows when it’s going to be over. I’ve seen all kinds of articles on the Internet claiming that it will be over in just about 4 to 5 weeks, three months, six months, one year or even a couple of years. The world that we used to live in will be different. The economy will be different. Nobody knows how the governments will cope with so many closures of small and medium-sized businesses. So many people are losing their jobs, too. Manufacturing stopped for weeks or months. Many people won’t be able to afford to travel even after the crisis ends.

There is so much negativity on the Internet right now, so instead of making any predictions, let’s just stay optimistic and focus on our well-being, learn something new or finally start doing exercise every day at home. If you wanted to change yourself a little bit; now it’s a perfect time. During this break, you can really change yourself!

Tripsget update March 2020

How Tripsget is doing during these hard times

As for us, both of us are working from home. We haven’t lost our jobs yet. We try to stay healthy and exercise every day. In the meantime, I’m trying to write more diverse content that might be interesting to people who are now in lockdown.

I must confess that it was quite hard to start writing again. When you lost all your income, it’s justified that your motivation is close to zero. However, I always enjoyed writing as a creative process, and I realised that now it’s a good time to read books, work on my writing style and, essentially, produce new content. I’m hoping to publish this content over the course of next weeks.

I can’t see borders reopening even in two months, so I’m preparing to go on the next trip around August – September if everything goes well. So many things can go wrong in the meantime, so it’s hard to plan.

Our main goal was to reach 100 countries this year. Having returned from Central America in January and travelled to Cape Verde in February, we now are missing 7 countries. I’m hoping that we will still be able to visit 7 countries before the year ends, but I’m preparing for the fact that, perhaps, we won’t be able to.

Stay safe everyone, and I hope I can share with you our next travel plans very soon!

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