Where to move from the States, now when Trump is a president

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Where to move from the States, now when Trump is a president? Well, that’s now a pain in the neck for many Americans.

The results of the elections in the USA were somewhat shocking for the entire world. Who would think that Trump would win? Before the elections, there were tons of jokes regarding mass immigration to Canada in case Trump wins. Seems like the worst fears of half of the population of the States came true.

Half of the US population is now really upset, especially the millennials, who wanted progress and equality. And yes, if you look at the voting map by age, most of the millennials supported Clinton. However, if you’re a millennial in the States (and haven’t voted for Trump), remember that you’re young and you could change your life in one day (almost)!

What are the millennial famous for? Well, their mobility, passion, and love for changes. So in case you’re one of these millennials, who don’t want to live in a country, whose president is…well a shame for you, you’ve got some options to choose from. Why not start a life of travel? Well, that might sound weird and complicated, but that’s actually not so hard and once you find a remote/freelance or a project job, you can pack a suitcase and go exploring some of these countries (or maybe the even entire world).

Don’t want to start a life of travel? That’s alright! You can just go to live abroad for 4 years and happily return when the new president will be elected (if it’s not Trump again).

So well, where to move from the States while Trump is a president?

– Ireland (or know your roots)

Many people in the States are of Irish origin. Why not know more about your roots and explore this amazing country? While the weather might be not precisely the best, nature is wonderful. So well, pack some warm and waterproof clothes, a huge umbrella and a raincoat (in case the waterproof clothes aren’t waterproof enough) and go discovering Ireland. When you will have seen already everything in Ireland, you can travel to Scotland.

– Mexico

No Irish roots? Irish weather scares you? No worries, you can go to all-year-summer Mexico. In case, you don’t speak Spanish, head to Cancun, you won’t need it there. Playa del Carmen is also always an option. And no matter what Mr. Trump says about Mexicans, we all know very well that they are really nice and friendly people.

– Germany

Berlin is such a multicultural city, that you won’t feel like a foreigner there. Moreover, you won’t be needing any knowledge of German in Berlin. The capital of Germany has the reputation of a free-spirited and hipster city and moreover it’s a European capital of startups. Once you get there, you will want to start your own business and well, who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Mark Zuckerberg!

– Cambodia

Cambodia is a really special place. Many of the freelancers or remote workers choose Cambodia because of its friendly locals, tropical climate, great parties (and cheap alcohol) and amazing beaches. Also, the prices of the accommodation, food, and everything else are really cheap. Even if you’re not making a lot of money, you can work in Cambodia. Some say that even 400-500 dollars a month are more than enough for a single person.

– Hong Kong

Hong Kong is my personal favorite. Living in Hong Kong, you can explore the Asia very well, but without being in a stressful environment, where nobody speaks English (like Beijing). In Hong Kong, English is one of the official languages, so almost everybody speaks it, even in the most distant parts. Moreover, Hong Kong is a real megapolis, so if you lived in a city like New York or Seattle and want to move from the States, you would probably want something similar. Add to that amazing weather and summer from April to November, great shopping and food opportunities and you’ll get a dream destination.

P.s.: Well, I haven’t included Canada here, because it’s a pretty obvious destination. Even the immigration website of Canada crashed during the elections in the States, so well, if you want to move from the States to Canada, that’s probably the easiest option.

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Where to move from the States when Trump is a president

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