Why do you need to study abroad at least once in your life?

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Almost everybody who goes to university has a chance to go to study abroad at least once. And many ask that question to themselves: should I go? Or maybe not? In this post, you will find out why do you need to study abroad at least once in your life.

Well, if you ask me, I will shout from all the rooftops:

“Yes, of course, you should go!”

If you’re unsure, go just for one semester, 4-5 months, in case you won’t be enjoying much, it’s not such a long period of time. But why wouldn’t you be enjoying?

Reason 1: Study & Travel

I mean, travelling is great. It’s the best activity! But studying and travelling at the same time is even better because you will meet so many amazing people from all around the world. Of course, travelling can open your eyes and make you understand things you haven’t thought of before.

Also, you can experience life in a country that is significantly different from your background. You can expand your horizons and submerge into a different culture. You can try to be independent of your family, finally, be grown-up responsible for your choices and decisions. You can try something you never tried before. You can return as a totally different person. Better person.

Studying abroad does change people

I was studying abroad twice: once in Hong Kong during my undergrad degree, and the second time in Edinburgh, where I was enrolled in the MSc degree in Marketing. Both experiences were great but the first one was more about fun and the second one about studying and career development. In Hong Kong, I met great friends, significantly improved my English and explored Asia a little bit. In Edinburgh, I met my other half and obtained a distinction in my master dissertation but at the same time also visited half of the Europe.

What if you don’t have enough money?

Let’s be honest, not everybody can travel all the time when being employed in a standard 9-5 office job. If you’re lucky, you’ll have 20-40 days of annual leave which you can spend on travelling. Not everybody can make enough money from freelance either. And definitely, only a few people can make their blogs & social media profitable enough for them to travel the world.

However, if you’re a student, you can travel as much as your degree (as well as your budget) allows. Don’t miss that chance! Even if you don’t have a budget, some student visas allow you to work part-time And the minimum salary is quite high, especially in countries like Finland or Sweden, so you can earn enough to travel around Europe for a while afterwards.

why to study abroad

Reason 2: Overcome your fears and problems

I know the cases when somebody on the exchange was unhappy feeling lonely and homesick all the time.Well, that can happen too. But you never know how you will feel, do you?

While I was with people all the time in Hong Kong (going out every day at least for a dinner with my friends), I spent half of the days in Edinburgh alone (until I met Pepe). But I wasn’t unhappy or homesick. I learned how to enjoy my own company. I was going for walks to Meadows (amazing park in the middle of the city), to Princes street, was preparing for the lectures on top of the Calton hill, was going to gym very often. And it was great. I was doing all these amazing free things you can do in Edinburgh and I was happy!

Why to study abroad? Meadows in Edinburgh

Maybe you aren’t a very outgoing person, finding new friends and approaching people is hard for you (same for me), but believe me, you can find people you’re comfortable with once you overcome your fears and problems and attend one of the meetings of some society.

So well, if you have the chance to study abroad, don’t miss it! That’s why you have to study abroad at least once in your life. 

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Why do you need to study abroad at least once in your life

2 thoughts on “Why do you need to study abroad at least once in your life?”

  1. I loved the post!
    I wasn’t able to do Erasmus when I was in university and that is still one of my biggest regrets. When I was pondering to move out of my country (Portugal) that helped in my decision to just leave everything behind and drive to the uk in search of new adventures.


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