Hi! We are Liza and Jose. Welcome to Tripsget!

Tripsget is a UK-based expat and travel blog focusing on travel with a full-time job & life in London. We are from the opposite sides of the world, but we met while studying in Edinburgh and later made London our home. Check our life in London page for expat tips about life the UK. We have also visited over 100 countries!


Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times

About us
About us: Liza & Pepe Tripsget

Liza and JOSe

We are a couple in their early 30s based in London, UK. We met while studying at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and since then, we never stopped travelling! Combined, we speak 6 different languages and have visited over 100 countries (and there are still at least 50 more on our bucket list). If you want to find out more about us and our favourite places or work with us, click below!

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We also love filming videos and have an extensive video archive from our previous trips. If you love video content, head to our channel, maybe we have something that might interest you!

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