What can Tripsget do?

Your travel planning process will be easier with Tripsget


Tripsget calculates an accurate cost estimation for your next trip based on the type of traveller you are.


Are you going on a backpacker trip or planning a luxury getaway? Tripsget can generate more accurate travel cost predictions when you provide detailed information about your travel habits.


No more wild guesses on how much will you spend on accommodation, transport, food, excursions, or nightlife - Tripsget will give you a cost estimation for each of these categories.


Tripsget allows you to book hotels and tours for your destination right in the app and helps you to save a lot of time.

How does it work?

Tripsget in 3 easy steps:


Choose your desired destination.

To start with, tell Tripsget where are you going, how many are you and how long are you planning to travel. Then proceed to the next step, where you will choose which kind of traveler are you.


Identify your spending level.

Use the sliders to choose your style of travelling: from backpacker to luxury traveller. Go to advanced settings to choose your spendings on 5 categories: accommodation, food, transport, sightseeing and nightlife.


Get your approximate travel cost

Tripsget will tell you the price estimate for your next trip based on your own travel habits. You can tap on the diagram to see the detailed cost breakdown and book your hotel or tour.

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