Travel purchases for a frequent traveller that won’t cost an arm or a leg

Mindo Zipline

In this article, I wish share with you some of the best & greatest value travel purchases for a frequent traveller. Frequent travellers know that expenses can add up quickly. Whether it’s for business or leisure, if you’re traveling several times each year, now might be the right time to start reevaluating your travel gear. … Read more

Overcoming Post-Travel Blues: Tips and Tricks for Getting Back to Normal After a Trip

overcoming post-travel blues

Are you feeling down after a long vacation and thinking that you might have post-travel blues? You’re not alone. In this article, I’ll share some tips and trips on how to overcome post-vacation depression that work for me and hopefully, will help you as well! This post was originally written in 2016, then, it was … Read more

Does Expedia Gold Status Really Work? Expedia Rewards Review

Does Expedia Gold Status Really Work? Expedia Rewards Program Review

In this post, I will discuss with you the pros and cons of Expedia Rewards. Is it really worth it? And more importantly, does Expedia Gold status really work? It promises you room upgrades and other perks, but in reality, do you get them? Hi guys, if you’re new to this blog, my name is … Read more


flying with low cost airlines

Heading to Europe (or maybe Asia) for the first time and wondering about super cheap flights? Check this guide to flying with low-cost airlines for the first time. This post was originally written in January 2016 (hey, it was one of the first posts on this blog), but I gave it a lot of love … Read more

Cheap Things To Do In Edinburgh: Weekend In Edinburgh On A Budget

Edinburgh on a budget

Edinburgh can be very expensive, so read this post to find our about amazing & cheap things to do in Edinburgh for your weekend in Edinburgh on a budget! I wrote this post back in 2016, however, I updated and republished it in May 2020. Scotland is a special place Hi there, if you’re new … Read more

Forget Munich: Visit Oktoberfest in Stuttgart! Cannstatter Wasen (Volksfest)

Best alternatives to Oktoberbest in Munich

In this post, I will share with you my experience visiting Oktoberfest in Stuttgart – Cannstatter Volksfest or Cannstatter Wasen. If you’re looking for Oktoberfest alternatives or best beer festivals in Germany – Cannstatter Wasen is probably the best option, as it’s a very similar celebration, yet more authentic and less touristy. In case you’ve been … Read more