10 best attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland | We tried them all!

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In this post, I wanted to tell you about 10 best attractions in Edinburgh. This is not just another listicle – we actually TRIED 95% of the attractions in Edinburgh ourselves and wanted to share with you our findings and the 10 best attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland.

First of all, I wanted to say big thanks to VisitScotland, who provided us with ASVA cards, with which we could visit the majority of the attractions in Edinburgh (and not only in Edinburgh) free of charge. It was a massive help for us and I hope this article will be also helpful for you, if you’re unsure, which attractions in Edinburgh to visit.

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10 best attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland

1. Edinburgh Vaults

You can only visit the vaults as part of a tour, but don’t worry, the tours go multiple times a day and are not that expensive (actually, they are cheaper than many attractions in Edinburgh). Also, this might not be the best tour to visit with young children, but if you’re a young professional (just like us), you’ll love this tour! You’ll learn a lot about the history of the city and you’ll see the famous underground vaults, which have a special atmosphere (and I was even a little bit scared there). This was one of the best tours I ever had in Edinburgh, so I can definitely recommend it. You can check the prices and availability here.

Edinburgh Vaults Tour with Mercat - the best tour in Edinburgh
Going down to the Edinburgh Vaults

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2. Edinburgh Dungeon

Edinburgh Dungeon is an interactive museum with 3 amazing small rides. You might think that it’s pretty much the same as Edinburgh Vaults or Mary King’s Close, and yes, it is similar, though it is way more interactive and way less historical than the others. I actually tried to get there 3 times and the first two times it was sold out, so the demand is pretty high. However, you can book your tickets online, if you want.

Edinburgh Dungeon - 10 absolutely best attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland
The entrance to the Edinburgh Dungeon

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3. Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo is an amazing place to visit. Even though I’m strictly against the animal cruelty and I generally don’t like zoos, the animals in Edinburgh Zoo had plenty of space for them and looked well taken care of. Also, you can see a panda in Edinburgh Zoo (but you need to book a spot for a viewing in advance).

10 absolutely best attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh Zoo
Red panda in the Edinburgh Zoo

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4. Edinburgh Whisky Experience

Edinburgh Whisky Experience is one of my favourite attractions in Edinburgh even though I’m not a whisky connoisseur. However, I was really interested in the production process of whisky and finally learnt what does Angel’s Share mean. Do you know what it is? If not, you should definitely visit Edinburgh Whisky Experience.

This is a tour for adults only, though minors also can come, however, obviously, they can’t participate in the whisky tasting.

Edinburgh Whisky experience gets very very busy, so make sure to order your tickets in advance. You can do it here.

Alternatively, you can take this “History of Whiskey: Tasking and Storytelling tour” that is currently the best-rated tour in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh Whiskey Experience
Edinburgh Whisky Experience

5. Edinburgh Dynamic Earth

I was so impressed by Edinburgh Dynamic Earth that I wrote a separate post about it! It is a must-visit, especially if you have kids (and even if you don’t have any) and you’re interested in the history of our Universe and the Planet Earth.

Edinburgh Dynamic Earth - one of the best interactive museums in the world
Dynamic Earth

6. Royal Yacht Britannia

The Royal Yacht Britannia is a former yacht of the Royal Family of the UK, and it was decommissioned and transformed into a museum in the late 90s. Visiting the Royal Yacht Britannia is a very interesting experience – you get a mobile tour guide for free and can listen to the history of the yacht and about its working years. The yacht remains like how it basically used be when it was on duty – you can see the cabins of the Royal Family with the original furniture, the cabins of the engineers and the sailors. Also, you can have lunch or even an Afternoon tea on the Royal Yacht Britannia!

You can order your tickets online here.

The HM Royal Yacht Britannia
The HM Royal Yacht Britannia

7. Edinburgh Castle

Now you might be wondering, why Edinburgh Castle is on the place 7? Well, it is amazing, without doubts, but what’s inside the castle, was somewhat … bland. And way too expensive for the ticket price. However, some people I know loved it, so you should decide for yourself, whether to go there or not!

If you decide to visit the Edinburgh castle, you can buy this super popular guided tour with skip-the-line tickets >>>

The Edinburgh Castle - 10 absolutely best attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland
The Edinburgh Castle

8. Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura is one of the 10 best attractions in Edinburgh because it is really fun! It is also the oldest purpose-built attraction in the city – it was built early in the 19th century for… entertaining the public! It is not a museum in a traditional sense, I would say it’s a collection of some fun exhibits, labyrinths, puzzles and optical illusions! If you have enough time in the city, the Camera Obscura is definitely worth paying a visit. It also has a lovely terrace with some very beautiful views over Edinburgh and the Royal Mile, so you can take some really nice photos there.

There are often queues for Camera Obscura, so you can buy your ticket here >>>

Camera Obscura - 10 absolutely best attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland
Camera Obscura

9. Palace of the Holyroodhouse or Holyrood Palace

Palace of the Holyroodhouse is one of the official residences of Queen Elizabeth and it was built in the 17th century. You won’t see anything posh and lavish inside the castle – nothing compared to the palaces in Russia or France, so it’s rather ascetic. You can go on a tour around the castle and also visit the Queen’s Gallery and you will also have access to the ruins of the Holyrood Abbey from the early 12th century.

The Holyrood Palace - 10 absolutely best attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland
The Holyrood Abbey

10. Mary King’s Close

And the last but not least of the 10 best attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland is Mary King’s Close. I enjoyed this tour and it was pretty impressive (I’ve gone twice and even brought my parents, who also enjoyed this tour). However, you are not allowed to take photos inside. There is one spot, where the guide takes a photo of you and you can purchase it later for £15 or so.

Mary King’s Close is a very popular attraction as well and I remember booking tickets at least a week in advance. You can book them online here.

And, finally, our guide seemed tired at the end of the day, so she wasn’t really interested in the group at all. While the experience is quite fun and quite interesting, everything looks very commercialised, and that’s a wrong thing in such a medieval city like Edinburgh. Nonetheless, there are people who loved the attraction, so I won’t tell you not to visit it.

Other attractions we visited and didn’t include them in the list of the best attractions in Edinburgh: Rosslyn Chapel (the famous chapel featured in Da Vinci code with the connection to Masons).

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All the museums – National Museum, National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery – they are nice, but not so impressive! Scott Monument – you can climb up to the top and the view is very nice from there. The Royal Botanic Garden is a lovely place to visit, but there is not much to do. Museum of Childhood, City Art Centre and Surgeon Hall, as well as the Talbot Rice Gallery, are also nice, but not a priority for Edinburgh first-timers.

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10 absolutely best attractions in Edinburgh, Scotland - Camera Obscura, Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, Royal Yacht Britannia, Mary King's Close, Edinburgh Vaults, Edinburgh Zoo, Red Panda,

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