Christmas in Moscow: visiting the capital of Russia in winter

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Christmas in Moscow: visiting the capital of Russia in winter

Christmas in Moscow is celebrated on the 7th of January, later than in the most countries. Visiting Russia in winter sounds like an adventure, but the capital of Russia is decorated very well, so it’s worth visiting especially in winter.


Christmas in Moscow

Moscow is one of the best-decorated cities I’ve ever visited during the Christmas time. Seems like the capital of Russia takes New Year and Christmas decorations seriously. The decorations are actually spread all around the city, so you have to walk a lot to see them all. Walking in the city center of Moscow is really pleasurable, so don’t worry about anything.

The best part of the Christmas market is the Red Square. Is has a huge ice skating ring and lots of stalls behind it. In the stalls, you can buy some typical Russian souvenirs (hats, T-shirts with bears and so on) and buy some food like crepes and sausages. The typical drinks include mulled wine, various teas and a Russian specialty – alcoholic honey drink.


Christmas in Moscow: visiting the capital of Russia in winter


Also, at the Red Square, there is a huge department store – GUM, which is decorated for Christmas from inside and outside. The shops inside are expensive, but on the last floor, there’s a place where you can eat for not so much money. Don’t expect anything fancy from the food there, it’s more like a canteen, but at least it offers some “real food” like soups, pasta, chicken kiev’s and so on!

Note that you can bring any alcohol to the Red square: at the entrance, there are metal detectors and you will need to open your bags for security reasons.

Another beautiful zone to visit is Lubyanka: there are more stalls on the Nikolskaya street and a huge light tunnel. It’s a walking street and you can get there directly from the Red Square.

Christmas in Moscow: visiting the capital of Russia in winter


There are more stalls with food and souvenirs around the Bolshoi Theatre and Bolshaya Dmitrovka street.


Weather in Moscow in winter

Russia in winter is really cold and Moscow isn’t an exception. It was so cold outside: around -20, so there stalls with hot drinks all around the Moscow city center was really helpful for us. We actually managed to get sick in Moscow, so visiting the Christmas activities there was a huge challenge. In case you want to survive in Moscow in winter, bring some really really warm clothes and also some moderately warm, in case it’s around 0 degrees.

As mentioned above,  Russians celebrate Christmas after the New Year, on the 7th of January.  So in case you want to spend Christmas and New Year with your family and go traveling after the New Year, you will still be able to celebrate Christmas in Moscow.

However, the most beautiful and impressive decoration in Moscow is the light tunnel at Tverskoi Boulevard. I didn’t manage to take the photo there, so instead I’m posting a photo I found using the appropriate hashtag.


There are more Christmas decorations and activities in the parks of Moscow – head to the Gorky park to enjoy the ice skating ring. Izmailovski park is awesome during the Christmas time too! It looks like a traditional Russian village and even has its own Kremlin!

To summarise, I must say that Christmas in  Moscow during is amazing! The Christmas market in Moscow is huge, spread all around the city and wonderful. I’m not the biggest fan of Moscow, but during the Christmas, it gets a special charm!

P.s.: we stayed in a wonderful hotel just near the Red Square (5 minutes walking). It’s a bit expensive, but worth taking a look.

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Christmas in Moscow: visiting the capital of Russia in winter

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