Exploring the Mediterranean with Larry Lamb and Thomson Cruises

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When you think of cruises, what comes to your mind? Relaxation, sunsets, great shows on board and a bit of exploration? All that plus so much more! In the video series from Thomson Cruises, Larry Lamb (a British star from “I’m A Celebrity”) explores different places in Mediterranean region, one city at a time. Larry’s challenge was set by Thomson Cruises and was all about connecting with locals and learning about places, you wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Because who if not locals can recommend true hidden gems of their hometowns?

In the first video, Larry Lamb disembarks from the new TUI Discovery 2 cruise ship and heads to the heart of Barcelona, Spain. After chatting with a local legend waiter, who worked at la Boqueria Market for almost 70 years, he got more recommendations for Barcelona and its fabulous arts scene.

In the second video, Larry goes cycling around Mallorca, in its capital Palma with a local guy, he was recommended. They explore the beautiful city as well as the nature around it and even go through some very picturesque hills nearby.

In the third video, Larry Lamb disembarks in Ibiza and goes looking for the best fish restaurant on the island. He again talks to locals and discovers, that one of the best restaurants is located in the harbour. The owner has been running this restaurant for the last 38 years!

All videos are short – about 2 minutes, but nonetheless, they all tell a story. It’s always fantastic to be able to chat with locals and learn more about their culture, lifestyle and favourite places. In fact, many of the memories we have from travelling are connected to interacting with locals and listening to their stories. Some of the most boring holidays in that sense are all-inclusive trips and cruises, however, Larry Lamb just proved, that it’s entirely possible to connect with locals and explore some amazing places just within 8 hours being ashore in every single day of the cruise. Moreover, it’s always great to connect with locals, when travelling, and according to a recent study, interacting with locals does actually make tourists and travellers happier!

After watching the videos with Larry Lamb, we felt like it’s time to go back to Spain and refresh our memories of this amazing country and visit some new places like Palma de Mallorca and Ibiza. We have only been to Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and Gran Canaria so far!

You can follow Larry’s adventure at https://cruise-mates.co.uk

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