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In this post, you will learn about many amazing Instagrammable places in Bogota, Colombia!

Many people assume that there’s nothing to do in Bogota and the city is not pretty. Well, I just came back from Bogota and can tell you that the city is actually amazing and moreover, it’s very photogenic and has so many Instagrammable places! Before visiting the city, I created a list of the places I wanted to visit and tried to follow it all the time. Unfortunately, as I only spent two days in Bogota (read my post about the weekend itinerary for Bogota), I haven’t had a chance to visit all the most beautiful photo locations in Bogota by myself, so I’ll feature the work of some fantastic Instagrammers from Bogota at the end of the post as well.

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So well, are you ready for the best Instagrammable spots in Bogota? Let’s get started!

Instagrammable places in Bogota, Colombia & the best photo locations

Plaza Bolivar

The best photo location in Bogota is, undoubtedly, Plaza Bolivar – the main and the most important square in Bogota. Located between Santa Fe and La Candelaria, Plaza Bolivar is a highlight for all the tourists and it’s also a place where couples take wedding photos. It’s better to come in the morning, as the square is not so busy and there are only sellers and thousands of pigeons around. It took me a while to get this photo, as I had to wait for the pigeons fly, but it was totally worth it.

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Streets of La Candelaria

The district where all the Colombian bloggers go for photos is called La Candelaria. La Candelaria is a vibrant, lively and colourful district and it’s home to a couple of universities, hence, it’s always full of students at any time of the day and night. However, wandering in La Candelaria at night might not be the best choice due to safety concerns. But during the day it’s absolutely fine. Head there for some amazing Instagrammable spots in Bogota including beautiful streets, exciting street art and colourful houses.

Most instagrammable places in Bogota

Andres – Carne de Res

One of the unique places in Bogota is the restaurant Andres. Andres DS in the North of Bogota (don’t worry, North – is where you want to be in Bogota, it’s the nicest and the safest part of the city) is the biggest restaurant I’ve seen in my entire life.

Andres Bogota

Hotel Estelar Parque 93

As I already mentioned before, we stayed at Hotel Estelar Parque 93 (check the availability now) and one of the reasons why I picked this hotel was that it has a fantastic rooftop terrace overlooking the entire Bogota. There’s also a swimming pool on the top of the terrace, but unfortunately, it was closed, so I didn’t get a chance to swim there, but it looked great.

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One of the best photo locations in Bogota is definitely Monserrate. If you think Bogota is elevated, well, Monserrate is DEFINITELY elevated. If you take either funicular or a ropeway up to Monserrate, you’ll reach 3.1 km above the sea level. I’m pretty sure, you won’t be able to run there. Even walking fast can cause difficulties. However, the views are well worth the pain – if you’re lucky with the weather and the air condition, you will be able to see the entire city. And on top of that, even the journey in the funicular is already worth going to Monserrate (spoiler alert – it looks dangerous, but it isn’t).

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El Chapinero

El Chapinero is a beautiful neighbourhood located between Parque 93 and Santa Fe (closer to the Parque 93). It’s a very diverse district – some parts look very busy and crowded, full of people, cars and various shops, while the other parts are quiet and empty – these are the parts with some posh restaurants and hipster cafes. El Chapinero is one of the most expensive districts in Bogota to live – hence, there’s a lot of purchasing power.

If you’re tired of Instagrammable cafes in El Chapinero, you can just walk around and enjoy seeing beautiful houses like these ones. There are so many beautiful photo locations in Bogota that are located in El Chapinero, so you won’t leave the area without plenty of photos!

Chapinero, Bogota

Restaurant La Fragata Giratoria

Have you ever been in a restaurant that is located on the last floor of a skyscraper and it turns 360 degrees, while you’re eating, so you can see the entire panorama of the city? Well, La Fragata Giratoria on top of the World Trade Center in Bogota is just like that! You can also take some breathtaking photos on its terrace. Definitely a must-visit place for a special occasion in Bogota!

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KOKOA & CO is a lovely breakfast / brunch / hot chocolate spot located around Calle 82 in Bogota. Head there for beautiful flatlays and delicious treats!


One of the most unusual and also photogenic spots in Bogota is Shakeyard. If you want a killer milkshake and you don’t worry how many calories there are inside – it’s a place for you! Alternatively, you can also share one with your friend or boyfriend / Insta-husband.

I hope you enjoyed this post about the most Instagrammable spots in Bogota, Colombia. In case you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to write them in the comments.

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