Most instagrammable places in San Juan | Photo locations in Puerto Rico

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In this Instagram guide to San Juan, you can find the best photo locations, cute cafes and amazing spots in the capital of Puerto Rico! Keep reading to find out, which spot one is a must-visit place of the most Instagrammable places in San Juan!

Hey guys, I’m back from my longest trip of the last 3 years (it was 11 amazing days! – I’m working full-time and getting longer leave is complicated – read my guide to maximising your annual leave here); however, I’m trying my best. This time, I visited terrific Bogota (here’s my post about things to do in Bogota in 2 days and another post about the most Instagrammable spots in Bogota) and then headed to Puerto Rico to take a Caribbean cruise. I had a couple of days in San Juan, so I made sure to visit all the locations I had on my list to create this post about the most Instagrammable spots in San Juan, Puerto Rico for you! If you also have a day or so in Puerto Rico before or after the cruise – you’ll be able to visit these places.

Don’t forget to check the prices and availability of the flights to San Juan (especially if you’re starting a cruise from there). Some good hotels to consider in San Juan: La Concha Renaissance, Casa Blanca Hotel and Villa Herencia.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Most Instagrammable places in San Juan, Puerto Rico: blogger’s guide and the best photo locations

Instagrammable spots in Santurce:

Santurce Art District

If you like street art, Santurce Art District is a place to go for you! You can find some awe-inspiring art there, and it’s honestly very impressive and meaningful street art. I like discovering new street art and artists, and I’ve done so in London and Bristol in the U.K. If you also want some great Instagram-worthy photos, believe me, you’ll be able to take many in Santurce.

Santurce used to be a very sketchy place before until a couple of years ago it lived through a transformation.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a bit sketchy now with lots of abandoned buildings and lots of trash on the streets, but it’s not unsafe for tourists anymore, and it’s also very hipster.

Santurce is also one of the affordable places to stay in San Juan and there are plenty of Airbnbs you can choose from. If you never booked a place with Airbnb before, you can use my code, and you’ll get something like $25 credit towards your first booking.

Kudoughs Donut & Coffee Bar

622 calle cerra local 1

Another place that is located in Santurce and is one of the most instagrammable spots in Puerto Rico is Kudoughs Donut & Coffee Bar. It’s a great spot for breakfast or lunch or just for a quick break in case you want to bring your laptop along and would like to work there for a while. Coffee and donut combination was absolutely fab – I picked Tres Leches while Pepe went for a more adventurous option – the Bacon cheesecake donut – definitely recommended.

Miramar Food Truck Park

1006 Avenida Juan Ponce de León

Another Instagrammable place in San Juan is Miramar Food Truck Park – located just outside of Santurce Art District, it attracts people during the day and night – you can get food, cocktails, bubble tea and even play an arcade game there. It’s a great place and the prices are not high. I got some great and really fresh tacos from one of the trucks and Pepe tried something very traditional from Puerto Rico – rice with a massive (the biggest I’ve ever seen) avocado!

The bubble tea was ok, but I didn’t expect much from it, as it didn’t look very authentic (like a real Taiwanese bubble tea), more like a fruit drink with boba.

Instagrammable places near Old San Juan:

Señor Paleta

153 Calle de Tetuan, San Juan

Another Instagrammable place in San Juan, Puerto Rico is the ice cream shop called Señor Paleta. Located in the heart of the city, close to the “umbrella street” (we’ll talk about it later), it offers ice creams with some really unique tastes like Rafaello, for example. All you need to do is to buy an ice cream of your choice and take it out, on the streets of the beautiful San Juan!

Castillo San Felipe Del Morro

501 Calle Norzagaray

Another great photo spot in San Juan is the park (green grass) in front of the Castillo San Felipe Del Morro – the iconic 16th century Spanish Fort. On a nice sunny day you can have a picnic in front of the Castillo, but don’t sit too long – you might get burned!

Instagrammable places near Old San Juan:


401 San Francisco St

One of the best places for brunch in Puerto Rico (unless you just want a donut) is Caficultura. It’s an extremely photogenic coffee shop and brunch spot in San Juan with the great selection of beautiful photogenic dishes. Their coffee is also great! And you can also sit outside, what can be better than that?

Inner yard inside la Barrachina

104 Calle Fortaleza

Another nice spot to visit in San Juan to eat (and take a photo) and even leave your luggage for a day is Barrachina. Located in the heart of San Juan, it’s a great spot to relax in the shade in case the day is too hot! Moreover, you can leave your luggage there in case you’re going to a cruise the same day and checked out earlier or you came back from the cruise and the flight is not until the end of the day.

The umbrella street in San Juan – Paseo de Sombrillas

One of the busiest spots in the city (you need to come very early or very late) is Paseo de Sombrillas or the famous umbrella street in San Juan. It’s located at the end of Calle Fortaleza (very close to La Barrachina) and it’s one of the most Instagrammable places in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Restaurant El Parnaso

Another nice place to visit in San Juan is the Mexican restaurant El Parnaso – I visited the spot twice and I tried to sit inside and outside and outside it definitely better! If you manage to find a table (the place is very busy), you can take a very nice photo sitting in the middle of a very colourful street. One thing to try in El Parnaso – they do great Micheladas in San Juan! In case you don’t know what’s a michelada – it’s a beer cocktail. My favourite version of Michelada is with Clamato juice – basically it’s similar to Bloody Mary, but only better and with beer instead of vodka.

Instagrammable locations in San Juan Puerto Rico

The streets of Old San Juan

The entire Old San Juan is photogenic and it’s very easy to find a nice street to take a photo, so the best thing you can do is to put on a beautiful outfit (I usually get mine on ASOS) and go off exploring the streets of Old San Juan during your time in Puerto Rico. You can take many terrific shots in the city as there are plenty of streets that aren’t crowded (my only problem were the cars that are parked everywhere, but if you’re lucky, you can find an “empty” or not so busy street).

I hope you enjoyed this post about the blogger’s guide to San Juan and the most Instagrammable spots in Puerto Rico! In case you’re interested, I have plenty of other posts about Instagrammable locations, so feel free to check Insta-guides to:

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  1. Everywhere is the most instagrammable spot in Puerto Rico! I found Old San Juan, El Yunque, and the beaches to be some of the most photogenic places I’ve ever visited. I loved the vibrant colors and art on every corner.


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