Nightlife in Hong Kong: the best party place in the world

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Nightlife in Hong Kong is the best in the whole world! And I’m not lying. Let me try to explain you, why.

1. The nightlife spots are very easily accessible by metro.

There are two main spots of nightlife in Hong Kong, one of them, Lan Kwai Fong or just simply LKF is situated 5 minutes walking from the Central Station. The second party district, Wan Chai is located 5 minutes walking from the Wan Chai station and is busy mostly on Wednesdays.


2. Ladies Nights

Have you heard of the term ladies’ night? Sounds a bit cheesy, but it has nothing to do with some indecorous activities. Ladies’ night is a night when some drinks are free for girls. Ladies’ night is very common in Asia, and especially Hong Kong is a paradise for girls who like to party. Sassy Hong Kong produced a special guide to ladies nights, where you can check when, where and at what time there is this happy hour in the venue of your choice.

The typical ladies’ night day of the week in LKF is Thursday, while Wan Chai is more of the Wednesday day. However, there are places, which host ladies’ nights even on Saturday or Friday

Typical ladies night drink is a vodka mixer. Vodka + cranberry juice, orange juice and so on. However, the quality of the drinks varies from venue to venue. The best ladies’ night drinks I ever had, were in Solas bar. Definitely recommended.

Not only girls get free drinks, though. There are men’s nights too, but mostly in Gay venues.

3. The clubs and bars are usually open until very late (until 6, most of them).

So if you like partying hard, you’ll be satisfied.
And then you can just take a metro home/ to the hotel.


4. Taxis are cheap

Even if you decide to take a taxi, you can afford it for sure. 25 euros for a 45-min drive almost to the border with China. If you live not so far away, you can end up paying 5-7 euros for a car. So if you have someone to share the taxi with, it will be ridiculously cheap for you.

5. Amazing pizzas open all night long

If you get hungry, you won’t be walking around looking for a cheap chippies shop, because there is incredible pizza by slice open all night in LKF. How to find it? Follow the smell!

6. No need to pay for expensive drinks.

Most of the clubs and bars don’t have an entrance fee. So you can freely leave and return to the place. Why? Because there are plenty of 7/11 open all nights, where you can buy some booze for a really good price. For example, a can of beer is 6-10 Hong Kong dollars. And it’s less than 1 euro.

And drinking outside on the street is allowed! Doesn’t it sound like a paradise to you?

So well, here are some great venues for nightlife in Hong Kong:

1. For clubbing – Volar

2. For casual lounge drinking – Solas

3. For cheap night outs- China Bar


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Nightlife if Hong Kong: why Hong Kong is the best party place in the world

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