5 reasons to visit Russia – why Russia is the best destination in 2019

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Why should you visit Russia right now? In this post, you will find out 5 great reasons to visit Russia in 2019 and will learn why Russia is the best destination to visit in 2019.

Even if you heard otherwise (in the Media), Russia is amazing! Due to the low oil prices, Russian ruble is very weak now, which makes Russia even more attractive for tourists. And with only 400$ in your pocket you can feel absolutely great and afford luxury for less.

Here are 5 reasons, why Russia is the best travel destination now!

1. You have a chanсe to visit Russia visa-free by ferry from Tallinn or Helsinki.

Yep, you got it right. You don’t need anything to visit Russia, no visa, nothing! However, this only applies to round-trips on a ferry from Tallinn or Helsinki and includes only 72 hours in the country. Well, that’s enough to see Saint Petersburg. If you are fast enough, you can also go to Moscow via speed train Sapsan or some of the overnight trains.

how expensive is Russia, Moscow and St Petersburg prices (2 of 7)

2. You can visit some amazing restaurants for the price of chicken kebab in the UK

For £5 pounds you can get a meal (e.g. a lunch deal) in some great restaurants in Russia. If you’re travelling to Russia on a budget, you can check this post about the best places to eat in St. Petersburg, Russia on a budget >>>

And for 10 pounds you can eat a main course and a salad/soup with a panoramic view over the city (restaurant Gastronomica)

Source: Ginza.ru
Source: Ginza.ru

And in case, you are ready to spend 15 pounds on a dinner, you can go here:


(Hint: the tallest restaurant in Europe, 60th floor of the Federation Tower of Moscow-city)

3. You can stay in luxurious 5-star hotels for £100 /night

Another of the reasons to visit Russia is that you can really experience the luxurious life in Saint Petersburg. For the price of an average 3-star hotel in Rome, you can stay in a palace in Saint Petersburg (off-season though). Why not?

Some of luxurious, but yet affordable hotels in St. Petersburg, Russia:

Corinthia Nevsky Palace

Solo Sokos Palace Bridge rel=”nofollow noopener” aria-label=”Petro Palace Hotel (opens in a new tab)”

Petro Palace Hotel

4. You can visit one of the best museums in the world for less than a cinema ticket

Forget about 15€ (16$, 12,5£) tickets to Louvre, you can go to Tretiakov gallery or Hermitage museum just for 4-6 pounds. Those are like ones of the greatest museums in the world, so don’t miss the opportunity.

5. You can go by taxi literally everywhere

A taxi ride will cost… well, almost nothing. Uber Yandex Taxi works in Russia, so there is no need for communication with drivers (which most probably won’t speak English). Well, Yandex Taxi will save you from that. An average ride will be around 2 pounds (3 dollars), that’s cheaper than a metro ride in London!

So, why not to do some luxury traveling for the price of budget traveling?

Visit Russia: Reasons why Russia is the best destination right now

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  1. Nice article!! I agree with you, I was in St Petersburg last summer and it’s an incredible city! I also felt very safe even at night! Absolutely fell in love with St Petersburg 🙂


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