Amazing & A Bit Scary Escape Room in London: Lady Chastity’s Reserve Review

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Hi guys, in this post, I would like to share our experience in an amazing and a bit scary escape room in London called Lady Chastity’s Reserve located in the Hope Pub just a couple of minutes away from Farrington. Would you like to find out more, why this escape the room experience was so unique and special? Keep reading!

I recently ran a survey on Instagram (you can follow me at @lizatripsget) and realised that only 50% of people knew what an escape room was. Just in case you also have some doubts, let’s clarify it first.

Amazing & A Bit Scary Escape Room in London: Lady Chastity's Reserve Review

What is “Escape the room” or “Escape Room” and how to play?

Escape the room or simply an escape room is usually a themed immersive experience, where you need to solve various puzzles in a team of 2 to 6 people to be able to “escape”. You are usually “locked” in a room or a place consisting of multiple rooms and you have around 1 hour to solve all the mysteries or puzzles. However, there is almost always someone supervising the experience and should you feel stuck and running out of time, you can usually ask for help for 1-3 times.

Escape the rooms are best played in a team of 4, however, there can be also just 2 of you or 6 of you for an especially complicated escape the room experience in London (or anywhere else).

The puzzles can either be solved in parallel or one after each other. If you’re wondering, which puzzles are these, well, they are all very different. It could be everything from solving clues and finding different objects to some general (or even expert) knowledge of some subject.

Amazing & A Bit Scary Escape Room in London: Lady Chastity's Reserve Review

Does everybody escape from an escape room?

If you’re thinking that escape rooms are easy, well, some of them are, but most are not. Lady Chastity’s Reserve in Farringdon certainly wasn’t easy and even though there were 3 of us, we didn’t solve all the puzzles. You might also think that if you visit many escape rooms in London, you will easily solve all the puzzles, that’s not true. I’ve been in more than 10 escape rooms in 4 cities and 2 countries and no puzzle was ever the same!

Okay, now it’s time to tell you why Lady Chastity’s Reserve Escape the Room in London made by Handmade Mysteries was so great. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Amazing & A Bit Scary Escape Room in London: Lady Chastity's Reserve Review

Lady Chastity’s Reserve in Farringdon Review – an amazing & a bit scary escape the room in London

Here’s the most important part of the post – the review of Lady Chastity’s Reserve by Handmade Mysteries – a reason why I wrote this post. As I already mentioned before, this escape room designed by Handmade Mysteries is located steps away from Farringdon. We walked there all the way from Soho in 35 minutes.

At the entrance of the pub, we met Gabriel. She was dressed in an 18th-century dress (I’m actually not that sure about the fashion of that era, so I might be mistaken, but all you need to know, that she looked like someone from a different era and there absolutely no way you could miss her or not spot here). Gabriel will be waiting for you at the entrance of the pub and don’t you dare to be late!

The actual escape the room is located on the last floor of the pub, but it’s not such a high climb, don’t worry, it’s just 2 floors up. The interior of the room was very unique and certainly well taken care of – I’ve never seen anything so well designed, it felt like we REALLY were in a room from a different era.

At the start of the quest, you’ll be given some torches to be able to explore the room properly, as sometimes the light goes off. That’s one of the reasons why I called this escape the room in London “slightly scary” – there will be a couple of moments that could leave you shiver, but it’s definitely not a horror escape the room experience.

I can’t give you more details about the quest, but I must say that most of the puzzles were fun and moreover, the escape the room experience required you to be very attentive to every single detail and make sure to listen to all the Lady Chastity’s announcements. We made a stupid mistake of not paying too much attention to them and… well, couldn’t escape! Such a pity.

In this escape the room, don’t hesitate to ask for clues if you feel very stuck – sometimes it’s just a matter of finding something and you need all the team effort to be able to find all the necessary objects.

Amazing & A Bit Scary Escape Room in London: Lady Chastity's Reserve Review

Lady Chastity’s Reserve Review: the summary

Overall, I must say that this was one of the best escape the room experiences I visited in London and I recommend it to everybody. Make sure to invite your smartest friends and check for yourself if you can escape from this amazing escape room in London. Find the prices and availability here.

Disclaimer: this was a gifted experience, but we enjoyed it and of course, as always, all the opinions are my own.

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  1. London’s escape room is more than scary, and I had a good experience with my friends in this escape room. Lady Chastity has given a useful review of this escape room here, as well. That is fantastic from her.


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