Hemingway-inspired cocktail-making class in Goat, London

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Sometimes “just” going out and drinking gets boring and it’s time to look for alternatives. This week, I was invited by Hype App (you should definitely check it out, a very useful platform) to attend a Hemingway-inspired cocktail-making class at Goat in London. Goat is a lovely Italian restaurant in Chelsea. However, you wouldn’t get that it has a marvellous hidden bar (sometimes even available only via a PIN Code). Seems like I found a perfect spot for my birthday in April!

Even though we had our masterclass in this secret bar at Goat, normal masterclasses usually take place at the bigger bar upstairs. Why?  That bar is bigger and four people could prepare a cocktail simultaneously.

Hemingway inspired cocktail making class in a secret bar in London
A bit of history

Steve, our bartender with over 25 years of experience, prepared an amazing list of stories related to Hemingway and his passion for drinking. We tried 5 different cocktails and all of them were somehow connected to Hemingway. These were either his favourite drinks or the drinks he just liked having from time to time. Some of them were even specially designed for Hemingway! It was nice to learn all these interesting facts about the famous writer.

Cocktail-making masterclass in Goat, London

The cocktails at the cocktail-making class

Making cocktails wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be since there are many different techniques you need to know. But when you learn from a professional, it’s always better. I didn’t know how to close/open a two-piece shaker before. Nor did I know how long you should shake your drinks for. All that I learned during the masterclass, which is awesome!

Out of 6 cocktails, I tried: Bellini, White Lady, Hemingway Daiquiri, Martini, Whisky Sour and Normal Daiquiri, my favourites were the last ones.

Cocktail-making masterclass in London


Right now I feel like I upgraded my cocktail-making skills and I’m ready to host big parties for my friends. In case, you’re looking for a fun and at the same time useful activities, I definitely recommend you taking part at the cocktail-making class at Goat.

P.S.: Not all of them are Hemingway-inspired – there are many other themed cocktail-making classes available at Goat, London!

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Hemingway inspired cocktail making class in a secret bar in London

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