The best beaches in Ibiza Town: where to swim in Ibiza city centre

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Heading to Ibiza town and not sure whether it’s a good place to stay if you want to swim in the sea? No worries, in this post, I will tell you about the best beaches in Ibiza town & and where you can actually swim in Ibiza city centre and nearby!

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Planning a trip to Ibiza and choosing where to stay: our experience

A few weeks ago, we booked a trip to Ibiza and to be completely honest with you, planning was a little complicated! I didn’t know much about Ibiza besides its status as the party capital of Europe. We wanted to stay next to a beach, but couldn’t find any information about the best beaches in Ibiza Town and whether the beaches are actually suitable for swimming.

We wanted to stay close to both the city centre and any nice beach, so we could visit the city centre any time we wanted and also were able to swim during our lunch break (we were working remotely from Ibiza for a week). Choosing a place to stay was very complicated and caused us a lot of headaches, but in the end, we decided to stay in 2 places, Sud Ibiza Suites and Ibiza Twiins. Both places had their pros and cons and beaches walking distance away!

However, we will talk about these places in more detail later!

Why stay in Ibiza Town?

A lot of friends have asked us why we wanted to stay in Ibiza Town in the first place. Ibiza has so many stunning remote towns and also larger towns like Sant Antoni de Portmany (San Antonio in Spanish). However, as we were planning to work remotely, we needed a great Internet connection, nice beaches and a lot of places to eat nearby. When we were checking all the possible options in Ibiza, we realised that only Ibiza Town would be convenient for us.

Ibiza Town is actually gorgeous, especially the UNESCO-protected Dalt Villa part of the city. We ended up visiting Dalt Vila almost every day, and it was a nice 15-minute walk away from us, which was very convenient. There are plenty of restaurants in the Old Town, so we had a lot to choose from. However, surprisingly, we also had a lot of different options close to where we stayed, in Sud Ibiza.

If you think that Ibiza Town is busy and hectic, that’s not true at all! Of course, the city centre gets crowded in the evenings (after 8pm), but there is almost no car traffic (it’s very pedestrian-friendly), so it doesn’t feel like a busy city.

There are also plenty of places to swim near Ibiza City Centre – we managed to visit 3 different beaches and all of them were great!

Where to stay in Ibiza Town near the beach?

As I mentioned before, we split our stay in Ibiza into two parts: we stayed at Sud Ibiza Suites for the first 5 days and at Ibiza Twiins for the last 2 days.

Sud Ibiza Suites is a stunning apart-hotel that has the best sea views you can think of! That was the view from our room! It had a huge balcony (I ended up working from the balcony most of the time) and enough desk space for both of us to work remotely. The only downside was the AC and the noise at night. Sud Ibiza Suites is located next to a small local bar that closed at 1:30am every day, so we had to go to sleep pretty late to be able to sleep. We had a nice beach located just 1 minute away from us as well!

Our second place was Ibiza Twiins – we actually bought an All-Inclusive package, but I don’t recommend it. The rooms are a bit tired (even though the hotel opened just a few months ago), I guess they didn’t refurbish the hotel that used to be there before. However, they had a great animation team and evening shows and the lobbies at both towers were very beautiful. Again, the beach was just about 3-5 minutes walking away. Ibiza Twiins was a bit further away from the city centre, so you might need to ask for a taxi if you need to get there fast (otherwise, it would be around 30 minutes walking).

The best beaches in Ibiza Town: where to swim in Ibiza city centre

Other places to stay in Ibiza City Centre with a nice beach access

Having visited Ibiza now, I can recommend a few more hotels with amazing access to both the city centre and good beaches.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is a bit pricy, however, its location is great – just 20 minutes walking from the city centre and just steps away from a nice beach.

Eurostars Ibiza is another hotel with a great location circa 2 minutes away from the beach

Apartamentos Llobet Ibiza also has a great location circa 20 minutes away from the city centre and moments away from the beach!

The best beaches in Ibiza Town: where to swim in Ibiza City Centre

Finally, let’s talk about the best beaches in Ibiza Town and where to swim in Ibiza City Centre.

Playa d’en Bossa

Playa d’en Bossa is the most popular beach located between Ibiza Airport and Ibiza Town. It’s also the longest beach and has some pretty busy sections (closed to public parking) and more exclusive sections right next to private beach clubs. Some of the most exclusive hotels in Ibiza (Ushuaia and Hard Rock Hotel) are located there. However, the part near Ushuaia is located a bit far from the city centre (you would need to walk for almost an hour). If you decide to stay there, you would need to take either taxis or public transport to go to the old town.

As a beach, Playa d’en Bossa is amazing. It’s clean, the sand is soft and the water looks turquoise!

Playa de ses Figueretes

Another popular beach (and the one that is the closest to the Old Town) is Playa de ses Figueretes. That’s the beach we had access to when we stayed at Sud Ibiza Suites and it was gorgeous! Since it’s a relatively small beach, it gets pretty crowded on the weekends and in the afternoons, and there are no places to hide from the sun (e.g. beach clubs), so bring your own umbrella. Overall, this beach is also very clean and looks beautiful!

Best beaches in Ibiza City centre

Playa de Talamanca

Finally, the last of the beaches in Ibiza City Centre is Playa de Talamanca. Located on the opposite part of the town, Playa de Talamanca was probably my least favourite of them all, however, it’s still great! The beach had soft sand and a lot of space (it’s not as crowded as the other beaches), and the entrance to the sea was very easy. However, the water wasn’t as turquoise as in the previous beaches.

Best beaches in Ibiza City centre

Summary of the best places to swim in Ibiza Town

Alright, I hope you found this post about the best beaches in Ibiza Town useful! Remember that most pictures don’t do these beaches any justice; they are actually much better in real life. Moreover, I was also very impressed by how clean these beaches are.

In summary: if you want a nice small beach close to the city centre, head to Playa de ses Figueretes. If you want to spend the entire day on the beach or use a beach club, then Playa d’en Bossa is the best option. If you want a quieter beach or you’re staying on the other side of Ibiza town, check out Playa de Talamanca.

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