Best tours to take in London for any budget and interests

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If you’re coming to London for a few days and looking for the best tours to take in London, you’re in the right place. If you’re new to this blog, my name is Liza and I currently live in London. However, before I used to live in Edinburgh, St. Petersburg, Russia and even Hong Kong. I visited London as a tourist many times before I moved here as well. I absolutely love London! It has so many unique places and it has attractions for literally any taste.

London is extremely photogenic. If you’re interested in the best photo locations in London and the most Instagrammable places, head to this post. Wondering, what are the top off-the-beaten-path spots in London – here’a post for you. Finally, are you looking for some great brunch spots in London? Look no further, I’ve got a post for you!

Best tours in London

The best tours to take in London:

Some of the tours I took myself, my family and friends recommended the others and finally, some of the tours I picked based on their itinerary and reviews online, so these tours you’ll see are really the best tours to take in London! Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best walking tours in London:

Changing of guard + walking tour in London

One of the most popular tours in London is the changing of guard + walking tour in London that lasts for 2 hours and covers the main highlights of London and you get a chance to see the remarkable change of guards.

Check the prices and the availability of the tour here.

Alternative London 2-hour Street Art Walking Tour

If you’re into street art and would like to see some famous works of Banksy and other street artists, you should totally book an Alternative London 2-hour Street Art Walking Tour (check the availability now).

Another great street art destination in England is Bristol, where you can see even more works of Banksy. Read my post about Bristol and the street art there for more details.

Instagram guide to London [the most instagrammable places in London] Guide by @lizatripsget

London historical pub tour

Another interesting tour to take in London is the London Historic Pub tour. It lasts for 2 hours and you’ll get a chance to see London’s most famous historical pubs. Book it online here.

Best tours to take in London for any budget and interests

Best bus tours in London:

The original Hop-on Hop-Off tour of London

If you’re looking for a basic bus tour in London, that’s definitely the Hop-on Hop-Off tour of London. It’s especially convenient when you don’t have THAT much time in London and you’re planning to see as much as possible in 1-2 days. You can literally stop at any landmark and head to see it and then hop back on the bus and continue the excursion.

You can buy the tickets online here >>

National Gallery - free things to do in London

Comedy Horror Show: London Ghost Bus tour

Another interesting bus tour in London is the Comedy Horror Show: London Ghost Bus tour. If you like creepy and scary stories, this one is for you! Check the availability here. h

Best themed tours in London:

London has a vast amount of great themed tours as well. So many famous people had lived in London and so many books and movies took places in London, that inevitably, London is one of the best places in the world for taking a themed tour. Let’s take a look at which themed tours are trending in London these days:

Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour

Are you a Harry Potter fan? You’re not alone. Almost everyone is. That’s why the Harry Potter Guided Walking tour is one of the most popular themed tours in London of all times. Check the availability now here: the spots sell out super quickly, especially during the high season.

harry potter tour in London

Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour + Oxford University

Another great Harry Potter-themed tour is the tour to the Warner Bros Studio, where Harry Potter was filmed. The studio is honestly, amazing and it gets sold out months in advance, so I recommend you booking far in advance if you’re booking directly or book a tour with a provider like the one below (can be done only days in advance, however, it’s always better to have everything sorted in advance).

you can book it then!

Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour

Another great tour to take in London is the Sherlock Holmes walking tour that lasts for 2 hours and brings you to the most iconic spots from the famous Sherlock Holmes books. Check the availability now.

The Beatles Walking tour

Another of the themed tours in London is, of course, the Beatles Walking tour which is a great activity for all the Beatles fans and music lovers. You will head to the famous Abbey Road and so much more! Check the prices & availability now.

cost of rent in London

Doctor Who London Walking tour

And the last, but not least of the best themed talking tours is the Doctor Who walking tour. Visit the most famous spots from Doctor Who and learn a bit more about London at the same time.

Other great tours in London:

London Football stadiums tours:

If you’re passionate about football, well, you’ll enjoy visiting London. You can visit pretty much any famous stadium in London (not free of charge, I’m afraid) and here are some of the tours you can take:

Wembley tour

Emirates (Arsenal) stadium tour

Chelsea Stadium Tour

Best tours in London

Buckingham palace entrance ticket

Buckingham Palace is pretty much always sold out and you need to book weeks in advance. However, sometimes tour operators pre-buy tickets and you can get them from there. This one is a good example: check here.

Best tours to take in London for any budget and interests

River Thames Sunset Cruise

What can be better than a lovely sunset cruise on a warm summer day? You can also get a glass of Prosecco for a better start of the tour. Check the prices and availability here.

Best tours to take in London
Yes, it’s like this cruise in the background

Westminster Abbey and changing of the guard 2.5-hour tour

Another great tour will allow you to cross 2 of the main things to do in London – visiting Westminster Abbey and witness the famous change of guards. You will also learn more about the history of London. Check the prices and availability here.

Best day tours from London

Stonehenge & Bath tour

Stonehenge is a legendary landmark that pretty much everyone has heard of. It’s not that easy to get there by public transport and as a bonus, you will get to see the beautiful city of Bath and some charming villages in Cotswolds as well. I took a similar tour in 2011, however, Cotswolds wasn’t included, so this one is a really great (but tiring) day tour from London. If you could only take one day tour from London, I’d recommend this one.

best tours to take in London

Oxford, Stratford and Cotswolds Tour

A great alternative to the Bath & Stonehenge tour is the tour to Oxford, Stratford and Cotswolds. Oxford is an incredibly beautiful university city, Stratford Upon Avon is a birthplace of Shakespeare and one of the most beautiful cities in England and Cotswolds is just dreamy.

rent a car and go to Cotswolds and Stratford for a day (you can check my road trip itinerary for a trip to Cotswolds here).

White Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury Day trip

The last of the best day trip tours from London is the White Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury Day tour. You might have seen the White Cliffs of Dover in the Atonement movie – it’s a wonderful place. Moreover, Dover has a Dover Castle which is very beautiful. Canterbury is one of my favourite places in England – it’s just worth visiting and I would definitely recommend you to do so! Check the prices of the tour here.

Day trip idea from London: explore medieval Canterbury in Kent

I hope you found this post about the best tours to take in London useful! In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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