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If you’re wondering, what’s the nightlife like in Russia and what are the best bars in St. Petersburg, you’re in the right place. In this post, I will tell you where to drink in St. Petersburg and what are the best nightlife spots in Saint Petersburg for any budget. I was born and lived in St. Petersburg for 22 years, so I’m pretty much an expert in all things related to my hometown.

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Best bars in saint petersburg

Without further ado, let’s get started with the best bars in St. Petersburg, Russia:

El Copitas

One of my absolute favourite bars in St. Petersburg is El Copitas- a secret Mexican-inspired bar. I discovered it and fell in love with the place before it even became trendy 4 years ago (it was included in the list of the best bars in the world in 2018). Why secret? The bar is located in a typical for St. Petersburg “well” courtyard near Vladimirskaya metro station. There’s no sign and it’s hard to find this bar. Moreover, it’s only open 3 nights a week – from Thursday to Saturday and you need to call in advance to book a table. How in advance? Well, I’d say 2 weeks. Also, when you reserved a table, you would need to call them again, once you reached the address and a bartender would exit the bar and let you in. Truly a unique experience.

The best bars in St. Petersburg according to a local | Party like a Russian

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Imbibe Bar

Another of the best bars in St. Petersburg is the Imbibe bar. This trendy bar looks like a parlour of a very posh house and the bartenders are really friendly (and speak some English too). The cocktails are great and pretty unique, so don’t expect to find your favourite classics there. You’ll have to try something new.

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Dead Poets Bar

Another great bar in Saint Petersburg is called Dead Poets bar. It’s a typical local’s bar and it’s located just steps away from Imbibe bar on Zhukovskogo street. Actually, Zhukovskogo street is one of the two best bar streets in Russia (second being Rubinshteina street) and there are plenty of great bars there, in case you decide to go for a bar crawl. Dead Poets is not very impressive inside, however, it has this unique Matryoshka cocktail in case you want to try (and take a photo with it).

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Cantina Paloma

Another Mexican bar from the founders of El Copitas that is way easier to visit is Cantina Paloma. It only opened 3 months ago and already became pretty popular. I would advise booking a table in advance, as there are not that many tables. The service is excellent and the drinks are amazing as well.

The best bars in St. Petersburg according to a local | Party like a Russian

Apotheke Bar

Another secret bar to visit in St. Petersburg is Apotheke Bar. It’s not so easy to find, however, it’s definitely worth it. It’s located on Lomonosova street 1 (in case you need to find it and having a hard time) and there’s no sign. The only thing you can see is the red cross that looks like a typical pharmacy cross and hence the name “Apotheke”. In order to get in, you need to press the button (ring the bell), so a person would come out to let you in. The bar is tiny and intimate and it’s a pretty unique experience as well.

Bloody Mary Bar & Grill

A place where you can not only drink well but also eat very well is Bloody Mary Bar & Grill. As all the other spots mentioned in this post, it’s also located in the city centre (very close to the university, where I have studied). The prices are super fair, food is delicious and the cocktails are great!

Gypsies and Jews

A bar with a bizarre name “Gypsies and Jews” is located on Lomonosova street 16. It’s brand new (it only opened 6 months ago), but already became trendy. It looks like an old school American bar and the cocktails are great!

Best bars in saint petersburg

Ketch up burgers

It’s very strange to include a burger joint in this list, but actually, some of the best cocktails I’ve tried in Saint Petersburg were in Ketch up burgers. If you’re craving fast food and looking forward to combining it with some good cocktails, you can head there.

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I hope you liked this post about the best bars in Saint Petersburg, Russia! Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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