How to stay on track and manage to post to the blog regularly

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I must admit that I’m not the most organised person there is. I’m quite lazy and when it comes to writing, I often lack the desire to write. But I still manage to post to the blog quite often, every other day, 3 times a week. So how do I do that?

Well, first of all, you need to be motivated. And for that, you’ve got to have a goal.
Which goal could that be?
Well, depending on your mission. (It’s what did you think of when you indicated that nice name while registering your blog).

Getting more people to read your blog? Fine, why not, it’s a great goal!
Getting more comments? Could be!
Increasing your visibility in search engines? Wow, a pretty ambitious goal!
Getting offers from sponsors & monetising your blog? Hmmm, that’s hard but not impossible!
Maybe altogether? You’re rocking!

Setting goals in essential. Though, don’t set unrealistic goals and don’t put yourself under too much pressure. Maybe the first few days you’ll be working hard to achieve your goal but later you’ll burn out. And you don’t want that happen to you, do you?

So, just try to be realistic and set an ambitious goal but not a too ambitious one. What is too ambitious? Well, if you have 5 unique visitors a day, setting a goal of 50 unique visitors a day after just one month is quite unrealistic. If 10 is too “sad” for you, go for 12-14. Of course, the goal completion also depends on your involvement with your project, e.g. how much time a day you spend on your blog.

Once you decided on your goal, set smaller sub-goals, which would lead to the achievement of your bigger goal. I’ll give you an example.

Imagine that you started your blog two months ago and every day you were having 5 unique visitors a day. But in 6 months you want to have at least 50 a day! (50 unique visitors a day are hard to achieve, unless you work hard, but we assume, you will work hard). You smaller, sub-goals, would be: starting social media accounts (twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) and getting an X amount of followers for each of them. Studying the essentials of SEO 10 minutes every day and becoming a badass SEO beginner after 3 months. Watching Google Academy videos in order to learn and master Google Analytics and Google Search Console (2 per week) and, finally, writing enough content for your blog. And so on, of course, that’s only the beginning.

Tip: try to visualise your goals: you can draw it on paper or write down in the notes. And better keep it close to you, so you can cross the ones you have already completed, yay!


Once you set the goal and sub-goals, you will understand what do you need to do in order to achieve this goal and how much time per day you will spend. Your goal will seem more realistic and even if you feel down one or couple of days in a row, you’ll regain your motivation.

You will feel the need to write since it will be part of the bigger plan in which you’ll accomplish your goals and achieve success. And you will write because every single post will bring you closer to your dream.

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