MOST Instagrammable places in Amsterdam (+THEIR exact locations)

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Hey guys, in this post, I’ll continue the series of instagrammable locations around the world (check the entire series here) with this new bloggers guide to Amsterdam. Learn where to find the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam as well as the best photo locations for a photo shoot in Amsterdam. As always, this guide is composed by me (@lizatripsget) and if you like my photos, make sure to check my Instagram out here >>>

Amsterdam is a very photogenic city. Even though it’s a capital, it’s a relatively small city, so you don’t need to spend half a day just to get from one location to another one (like you would in London – btw check my post about the most Instagrammable locations in London). Amsterdam is a beautiful city that also has so many things to do – make sure to visit some of the best museums and attractions in the city. In case it’s not your first time in Amsterdam, you can also explore some of the off-the-beaten-path places in Amsterdam, e.g. districts like Amsterdam Oud-West, De Pijp or De Plantage. I wrote a post about the best things to do outside the city centre in Amsterdam, so feel free to check it out here.

Amsterdam city centre is very compact and incredibly crowded, so sometimes it feels great to escape the crowds and explore lesser-known but still charming areas. Luckily, some of the most instagrammable places in Amsterdam are located outside the city centre.

Before we start, here are some Instagrammable hotels in Amsterdam (in case you’re living in Amsterdam and coming to visit)

Sir Albert Hotel Amsterdam

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Most instagrammable places in Amsterdam (with exact locations!)

Mama Kelly

Olympisch Stadion 35, 1076 DE

Mama Kelly is probably the Peggy Porshen or Elan Cafe of Amsterdam. In case you have never heard of Elan or Peggy Porshen – basically, these two places are the two most photographed cafes in London. The Amsterdam version of a pink blogger’s paradise would be Mama Kelly. This restaurant is located near the Olympic Stadium (allow yourself 30-40 min for getting there depending on the transport. It’s definitely too far away to walk to).

Mama Kelly has three beautiful floors, and my favourite is the ground floor with the bar area. Head there for lunch to avoid crowds and queues of girls taking photos of everything – from pink chairs to pink photo booths. I also recommend making a reservation (you can do it online here).

Scandinavian Embassy

Sarphatipark 34, 1072 PB

Another of the Instagrammable spots in Amsterdam is a coffee /breakfast place located in my favourite area of Amsterdam – De Pijp. Scandinavian Embassy serves a perfect coffee and pastries and also has a selection of granolas if you want something more substantial. It’s very compact and is decorated and white and brown tones. The best table for photos is the sharing table next to the window as the light is excellent there. However, the place is usually very crowded, so it’s best to visit it on a weekday.

Instagrammable Amsterdam

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Van Wonderen Stroopwafels

Kalverstraat 190, 1012 XH

The photo was taken at Rokin 174

Stroopwafels are the traditional caramel waffles that are very popular in the Netherlands among the locals and the tourists. However, Van Wonderen Stroopwafels took them to the next level. It’s surprising how this simple idea didn’t come to anyone else before, but basically, this place serves the traditional Stroopwafels with a topping on top. This could be marshmallows, crushed nuts, chocolate or one of the other toppings offered. It’s the topping that makes the waffles so photogenic, so people queue to get these waffles for nearly an hour and then take photos of them in front of the canals (like we did).

It’s a very cliché photo idea, however, it makes the photo really pretty, so why not, especially if you have time to queue. Alternatively, you can just buy simple stroopwaffles from any shop and take a photo of them.

Blogger's guide to Amsterdam

The Square in front of the Rijksmuseum

Museumstraat 1

One of the most photographed spots in Amsterdam is the square (and the fountain) in front of the famous Rijksmuseum. The famous Amsterdam letters were permanently removed, so now it’s less crowded there for sure. (At some point it got ridiculous). Don’t skip the Rijksmuseum as it’s one of the best museums to visit in Amsterdam. If you get the Amsterdam city card, you’ll be able to jump the queue and head right inside the museum.

However, if you want to see the temporary Rembrandt exposition, even with your Amsterdam pass, you need to get a time slot to visit it. We got the cards for free in collaboration with I Amsterdam, however, I wouldn’t recommend you something I didn’t like. We found the I Amsterdam city cards really useful, so we would recommend them.

Best photo locations in Amsterdam


Singel, 1012 DH

If you want to buy some tulips or just take a photo of the colourful tulips, head to the Bloemenmarkt. There are seasons when you can get Tulips, of course, and that’s April to June (approximately).

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt

De Plantage Cafe and Restaurant

Plantage Kerklaan 36, 1018 CZ

If you want to stay away from the crowds at least for a while, head to the beautiful district of De Plantage, it’s a pleasure walking around there, and you can visit the small botanic garden that is located in the heart of the district. However, it’s the De Plantage restaurant that is picture perfect and attracts tourists and locals alike. Located just next to the zoo, it shared a part of the garden with the zoo, and while I don’t encourage you to visit the zoo (it’s a personal choice), the restaurant is undeniably pretty. It’s especially beautiful in the summer evenings when the lights in the park are on.

Corner Bakery

Johannes Vermeerstraat 40

Amsterdam has a lot of very instagrammable brunch places, and Corner Bakery is one of them. Space downstairs has a lot of colourful wallpapers, however, just not enough light for a good photo, but the area on the ground floor is definitely better. Make a reservation in advance to make sure you’ll get a seat. The corner bakery is famous for its Instagrammable drinks, so make sure to order one if that’s why you decided to visit the place. I can’t say that good is good, but at least you can get a drink!

Most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam


Prinsengracht 232 H, 1016 HE

One of the most prominent bloggers in Amsterdam, Polina @polabur recently opened a chocolate store that sells fantastic coated strawberries and beautiful chocolates. Make sure to visit it and try some of the beautiful and delicious treats!

Most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam


Linnaeusstraat 16, 1092 CK

Another place from this blogger’s guide to Amsterdam is a lovely brunch spot called Rootin. You can get some really pretty and colourful toasts and pancakes there.

Ree 7

Reestraat 7, 1016 DM

A very similar place to Rootin, Ree 7 is trendy among bloggers in Amsterdam and is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Amsterdam. The reviews are not great, but the dishes are undeniably photogenic, and if it’s the photos you’re planning to come here for, you’ll get one.

The beautiful canals of Joordan

Joordan is one of the bohemian districts on Amsterdam, and it also has some of the prettiest canals. Head to the Westerkade street to take a perfect photo in front of some beautiful buildings.

Anna + Nina store

Gerard Doustraat 942, 1072 VX

Another of the most Instagrammable and photogenic places in Amsterdam is Anna + Nina store located in De Pijp. Storefronts in Amsterdam are usually very photogenic, and this one is not an exception. Sometimes it even has flower decoration that makes it even more beautiful.

Coffee shops and cafes of Amsterdam Oud-West and Oud Zuid

There are plenty of beautiful cafes and coffee shops around Amsterdam Oud-West and De Pijp. Some of the cafes worth visiting include: Anne & Max Oud West, Loft Sixty One and Koffie Academy.

Non-touristy Amsterdam: Best things to do in Amsterdam Oud-West

Check my guide to Amsterdam Oud-West to find out what to do in the district

The streets of Amsterdam Oud-West

If you’re looking for a place to do a photo shoot in Amsterdam that is not crowded, but looks great, head to Amsterdam Oud-West. Here’s my guide to the best things to do in Amsterdam Oud-West, feel free to check it out if you’re interested.

Some areas of Oud-West are very green and unique, and some others have gorgeous houses. Most importantly, the area is not full of tourists, so it’s easy to have a photo shoot there and take as much time as you want. And later you can head to Foodhallen for lunch.

De Kanarie Club

Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT

De Kanarie Club is a unique brunch/lunch spot in De Hallen in Amsterdam Oud-West. It has a minimal menu, though the dishes are very photogenic and also the place itself is excellent. There is even a swimming pool on the second floor of the restaurant, so you can definitely unleash your creativity there.

Cafes in Amsterdam Zentrum (Kalverstraat)

And the last, but not least of the Instagrammable locations in Amsterdam is the beautiful cafes located in the city centre, e.g. Kalverstraat. I just fell in love this gorgeous storefront and couldn’t NOT include it in this blogger’s guide to Amsterdam.

Photo Locations in Amsterdam

Hope you enjoyed this post about the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam and added some spots to your itinerary.

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