Low cost airlines reviews: flying with Ryanair, Easyjet, AirBaltic and Norwegian

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Going to fly with Ryanair, Easyjet or AirBaltic anytime soon? Here you find some low cost airlines reviews!

Let’s start with low cost airlines reviews:


I can say, that none of the budget airlines can be compared to Norwegian, moreover, even the not all of the regular airlines can be compared to it. Norwegian is just amazing: brand new airplanes, spacious seats, excellent service and no flight delay. I’ve been flying a couple of times from Saint Petersburg to Edinburgh with a 5-hour stopover in Oslo and enjoyed my trip a lot. Moreover, the best low cost airlines reviews are Norwegians’, so in case you’re gonna fly with Norwegian – relax and don’t worry!



AirBaltic is also a great airline. They are really strict about your bag weight and size but they also take care after their air fleet. They have special offers and sales at least once a month and if you’re lucky enough to live in Tallin or Riga you can have brilliant fares all around Europe.



I took Tigerair (Mandala) some years ago when flying to Bali from Hong Kong. Some Indonesian friends told me this airline was acquired by some other one and doesn’t exist anymore. Such a pity, because its price for the 5-hour flight was just unbeatable! The overall experience was good and I was completely satisfied.



I totally love Easyjet! If you live in the UK, you’re just the luckiest person to have this airline! If you buy tickets in advance you can grab some breathtaking deals. And you can go with Easyjet almost everywhere. As far as I know from my experience, they are not so strict with the hand baggage and in case it looks quite massive, they offer to take it to hold for free. However, recently there has been this very annoying 1-bag policy. That means that you can’t have more than 1 bag on board. In case you have a small purse and a backpack, you have to put the purse in the backpack. That’s why you need to have some space in your main hand luggage item, just so you can fit some other things there. I cannot complain about the service or delays, I haven’t experienced such things with Easyjet.

The highlight of flying with Easyjet was my flight to Iceland. Instead of 2 hours it took almost 12 but I cannot blame the airline – it was one of the most complicated landings I ever experienced. Due to incredibly strong storm, the plane couldn’t land in Reykjavik and the pilot took the decision to go to some other airport in Iceland, which wasn’t affected by the storm. We arrived and landed there and waited for some 3 hours for the storm to end in Reykjavik and the second attempt do arrive there was made. Once we almost reached the airport the wind strengthened again and it got extremely complicated to land there. Thanks for the high level of professionalism of our pilot, we were able to land in the city. However, 2 more hours were spent on the plane as the wind outside was too strong for the plane to be conducted to the arrivals gates.
The only downside of this is the fact that during those 12 hours none of the passengers was given good or snacks for free. The stock of the snacks was over very soon and one only thing was left to us is sit, wait and be hungry.




As for Ryanair, I honestly don’t understand all the complaints about the airline, such as the space between the seats, comfort of the seats (yep, they are really made of plastic but not of stone, come on!), the service and the delays. That’s true, everything is very basic and average but what do you expect for 15€ flight. I bet your last gourmet burger with a cocktail was more expensive.
Having known many things about Ryanair in advance, I was actually much more satisfied than disappointed. For a very cheap price, I found a way to get to Morocco from London. And that’s everything I could wish for 🙂

Hopefully, these low cost airlines reviews were helpful for you, and now you aren’t scared of flying with low cost airlines.

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Low cost airlines reviews

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