Photo walk around Hamburg: Speicherstadt and the Old City

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This weekend I survived my first business trip ever. Don’t know if it’s a Zufall or coincidence, but Hamburg was my first solo trip ever (technically, it was a school exchange, but I was pretty much all alone for 1.5 months). Now, 10 years later I return to Hamburg to my first business trip ever and would like to take you on a photo walk around Hamburg visiting the Speicherstadt and the Old City.

There is no point telling you about the business trip itself – there is not much to tell. I liked my hotel a lot – Hyperion Hamburg booked through for two long nights.

Hamburg Speicherstadt

The conference was over and suddenly I had 4 hours to spend in Hamburg, all by myself again. I decided to walk to the Speicherstadt and when I saw it again, I couldn’t stop taking photos. I don’t know, it’s a big rough and dodgy, but I generally like red brick houses (is that why I chose London for my permanent residence). It looked so cool, unusual and hipster that after taking the 20th photo, the idea of this post was born.

Hamburg Speicherstadt

My post have always been informative, tailored for a first-time reader, quite impersonal and very formal. I was optimising my texts for keywords, writing what I have to write rather than what I want to write and I totally forgot how pleasurable is it to write what you want. To write when you want to write and not when you have to. Maybe Hamburg will help the whole new category of posts to emerge. Personal, spontaneous posts. Photo walks. Random thoughts. Posts that will never rank in Google, but maybe will be read by my most loyal readers.

Hamburg Speicherstadt

Right now I’m sitting in a cafe in Hamburg and think, that even though I need “my time”, I just don’t enjoy travelling all by myself. I spent two hours walking in Hamburg before I got lonely and decided to sit in the cafe for two more hours.

Returning to Hamburg was tough for me. I had quite an experience here back in 2007 and Hamburg was on top of the list of my least favourite cities for quite a while. I think now I managed to let it go and I don’t dislike the city anymore. It’s just a city, in the end. A very hipster one, a very nice one in spring and summer and a very gloomy and boring one in late autumn and winter.


The Rathaus is still there. The Europa Passage too. Even the Hauptbahnhof hasn’t changed much since 2007. But I changed a lot!

Did you like these photos I took during the photo walk around Hamburg?

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