11 things you need to know if you’re going to study in Hong Kong

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In this post, I’ll tell you what to expect, if you’re going to study in Hong Kong.

Are you planning to go for a semester or exchange year to study in Hong Kong? Or maybe you’re planning to get your master degree there? And you have no idea what to expect from this amazing Asian city? Then take a look at this:

1. Hong Kong is not the place for studying Chinese language (Mandarin)

Well, if you’re planning to learn or significantly improve your Chinese (Mandarin), you’re going to the wrong place. Even though Mandarin is one of the official languages in Hong Kong, most of the people speak Cantonese (which is actually a bit harder than Mandarin) but be ready to speak English most of the time (because people in Hong Kong speak English very well).


2. You’ll probably share a room with 1 or 2 flatmates

Finding a separate room for yourself in the student accommodations is a very difficult (if not impossible task). In some university, there’s a rule that all the foreign students have to share a room with the local students (at least, at the Lingnan University it was just like that).


3. You can actually swim in Hong Kong

From April to November, the weather usually allows you to swim. So bring your bikini/swimming suite with you and find out, which is the best beach in Hong Kong!



4. Hong Kong is not all about skyscrapers. Nature is just fabulous.

I’m sure, you’ll go hiking at least once during your stay! Some hikes are very easy to access, some are not. But the harder the trail is to reach, the more beautiful the sceneries are. Almost always.


5. In Hong Kong, you can drink on the street

This lifehack will save you a lot of money. Most of the bars and clubs in Hong Kong have free entrance, so you can enter and exit whenever you want. Also, there’re plenty of 7 Eleven stores working all night long. See the connection? Right, you can save tons of money by buying the beers (or even wines and cocktails) in 7-eleven and drinking them outside on the streets. And then go back to the clubs. Don’t worry, the weather is perfect for that! Unless it’s winter, of course.


6. Have you ever heard of Ladies Nights? That’s a must in Hong Kong!

Ladies Nights (there are even Guys Nights) are a very popular phenomenon in Hong Kong. The official day for the Ladies Night in LKF (Lan Kwai Fong) is on Thursday and in Wan Chai – on Wednesday. However, some bars have promotions even on Friday and Saturday. Check Sassy Hong Kong for the latest Ladies Nights updates.

What does Ladies Night mean? Well, it means selected drinks are free for girls (mostly vodka, whisky or gin mixers). In unlimited amount. During special specified hours. Why is this even exists? To attract as many guys as possible (plenty of drunk girls, hello, guys just rush to the bars with Ladies Nights).

There’s even Guys Nights (a happy hour or just free drinks within 1-2 hours) but they usually happen in Gay bars.


7. Want almost unlimited food and unlimited beers for just US$5?

Head to Mr. Wongs (if he still works), choose one of the sets and grab as many beers as you want.


8. The food that you are used to eat will be very expensive

Western food (like cheese, butter and so on) is sold in some supermarkets like Yata and city’super but it’s gonna be very expensive (ca 6-7 dollars for butter, 10-12 dollars for gouda cheese, 13 dollars for a piece of mozzarella). Even pizza is kind of exotic in Hong Kong. If you want to stay on budget, you’ll need to get used to local food.



9. The education system in Hong Kong is just as in the UK

Meaning that your lectures most probably will be in English, you’ll have mid-term tests in the middle of the semester and exams at the end of each semester.


10. You’ll struggle a lot with taxis

Because the taxi service operators usually don’t speak English (so the possibility of ordering a taxi is almost a zero). Try to download some apps if you’re planning to use taxis a lot (however, it’s perfectly possible to catch a cab on the streets).


11. You’ll have to decide for yourself, which one is better, Disneyland or Ocean Park

Hong Kong has 2 fabulous amusement parks and both of them are very different. Try to visit both in order to decide, which one is better. I liked the Ocean park more, for example (Halloween in Ocean Park Hong Kong is especially cool).



I’m sure, after this post everyone will want to study in Hong Kong? Liked this post about studying in Hong Kong? Save it on Pinterest or share it on Social Media. Let everyone know how fun is it to study in Hong Kong!

Things to know if you're going to study to Hong Kong

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  1. Come on! Is this for real? I feel I took a wrong decision going to Edinburgh to study, no unlimited alcohol for 5 bucks, no swimming and….. Well the rest is kind of similar including the food and the language


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