Helnan Marselis Hotel – a quiet paradise in Aarhus, Denmark

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Last weekend we spent in Denmark and we stayed in a gorgeous hotel, Helnan Marselis, a quiet paradise located just a few minutes away from Aarhus, the second biggest city in Denmark. In this post, I would like to tell you a bit more about Helnan Marselis Hotel and why you should consider staying there if you’re planning to visit Aarhus. As always, at the end of the post, there will be a video, because a video says more than a thousand words!

Drone footage - Helnan Marselis Hotel - a quiet paradise in Aarhus, Denmark

Even though Aarhus is the second biggest city in Denmark, it’s relatively small. You can walk pretty much everywhere, but the locals prefer to travel by bike or bus. Want to read what is there to see in Aarhus? Head to our last post. The best way to get to Helnan Marselis is probably by bike or car, however, there are also buses. In summer, when the weather is amazing, you can walk. However, we were there during the last weekend in November, so walking wasn’t really an option. Even though the weather was good and the sky was blue, it was too cold for walking 40 minutes, so we decided to take a bus.

Because of its location, Helnan Marselis Hotel is a quiet paradise. Most of the rooms have a sea view, which means you’ll wake up to this view.

Helnan Marselis Hotel - a quiet paradise in Aarhus, Denmark

Gorgeous view, isn’t it?

The rooms are equipped with everything you need: toiletries, little shampoos and shower gels, towels and so on. The bed is very comfortable and the overall design of the room is great. You can see it in the photos below.

Helnan Marselis Hotel - a quiet paradise in Aarhus, Denmark

You can also easily get to the beach (I’m sure you can swim in summer), but in November it was nice to take a stroll and enjoy the quietness and fresh air. Living in London, I need some quiet breaks from time to time, and Helnan Marselis was a perfect place for a break like that.

Helnan Marselis Hotel - a quiet paradise in Aarhus, Denmark

The hotel also has a sauna and a small swimming pool, we used them both. They work until 11 pm, which is perfect, especially if you had a really tiring long day.

The buses don’t that often in the evening, in case you want to have a nice dinner, you’ll need to think of transportation beforehand. However, the restaurant of the hotel is really really good. We had a 3-course meal paired with wine there and it was exquisite. We liked all the dishes (which happens like..never, so you can imagine how good the restaurant was!) and all the wines, so our opinion of the restaurant in Denmark is really high now. Also, the breakfast was really good, I even went for the second portion of pate.

Helnan Marselis Hotel - a quiet paradise in Aarhus, Denmark

To summarise, I think that Helnan Marselis is a great hotel located in a perfect quiet spot. You can wake up to a gorgeous sea view, go for a swim in the indoor pool and have a really tasty breakfast. The price is also affordable, especially for the level of comfort you’ll have.
But I have even better news for you – if you decide to stay in Helnan Marselis (which I totally recommend) – you will get almost 20% discount when booking a double room with the sea view with the breakfast buffet included with the code tripsget! Just head to the hotel page – and don’t forget the promo code!

And, ta-dam, here’s the video of the hotel, so you see how gorgeous it is.

We collaborated with Helnan Marselis Hotel during our trip to Aarhus, however, as always, all the opinions are our own!

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Helnan Marselis Hotel - a quiet paradise in Aarhus, Denmark

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