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London is amazing! I’m so happy to call it home for almost five years now. During these five years, I managed to explore the most Instagrammable spots in London and I don’t think it’s fair to keep those for myself. Today, I’m sharing with you my most complete Instagram guide to London (updated in 2022). Who likes going to a place and realising on the spot, that it’s permanently closed? No one! That’s why I constantly update this guide and remove / add new amazing photo locations and most Instagrammable locations in London.

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The most complete guide to the Instagrammable places in London in 2022:

I felt like it’s easier to split the photo locations in London by categories and districts (in some cases), so it’s easier to navigate. Please let me know what do you think!

Instagrammable places in Central London (excluding Notting Hill, Chelsea and Shoreditch)

Instagrammable cafes in Central London

Peggy Porshen (Belgravia, close to Victoria)

116 Ebury St, Belgravia

Peggy Porshen is probably the most Instagrammable cafe in the entire Greater London. It got popular just around a year ago and since then you need to stand in a massive queue in order to get inside this gorgeous cafe. While everybody says that the cakes aren’t that good, their presentation is really impressive. Alternatively, you can take a photo of the facade, that gets decorated for every season of the year and for big celebrations (such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day). There are many Instagrammable cafes and restaurants in London, but this one is definitely the most photogenic one (and you don’t even have to go inside).

Head there in the morning on a weekday – there are more chances to take a photo without a large queue as well as get a table inside (or outside).

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Milk train (Covent Garden)

12 Tavistock St, Covent Garden, London

If you’re looking for unique colourful ice cream with a piece of candy floss, head to Milk train! Don’t forget to bring some tissues as the ice cream melts really fast. Milk train ice cream is a great accessory (or prop) for a cool photoshoot in London. It’s located in the heart of the city, in Covent Garden, so you don’t have to travel far to try out the ice cream in Milk train.

Instagram guide to London [the most instagrammable places in London] Guide by @lizatripsget

Aqua Shard (London Bridge)

In order to take a nice panorama of London, head to Aqua Shard (pop up in the bar without the reservation) or reserve a table for a lunch/dinner or even the Afternoon tea! The place is not cheap (you can’t expect anything else from the highest building in the entire city). However, the view from Aqua Shard is just incredible and it makes it one of the best locations for photos in London.

Most instagrammable places in London - The Shard

Sky Garden (Bank / Monument station)

Sky Garden is an incredible garden / bar / restaurant located on the last floors of a skyscrapper. If you want to have a drink or a brunch/lunch/dinner, you need to make a reservation. Sky Garden is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in London. Sunrise or sunset in Sky Garden are really to die for.

Also, it’s quite easy to have a photoshoot in Sky Garden, London, so put on your best dress (or jeans, or whatever) and come to one of the best photo spots in London! Weekdays are always less busy, so try to avoid going there on the weekend.

London Sky garden sunset

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sketch (Mayfair)

Sketch London actually stole my heart. It’s a place that has 3 unique rooms (this pink fairytale room is only one of them), the most futuristic bathroom in the shape of an egg and 2 Michelin stars. However, if you go there for breakfast, it no more expensive, than any other popular brunch spot in London. Read this post about my brunch experience in sketch.

sketch also has amazing Christmas decorations and it’s definitely one of the best Christmas spots in London.

sketch London

Elan Cafe (multiple locations)

Elan has four cafes now and all of them are very popular, so expect to wait in a queue for a while. Last time I checked, the Insta-famous table in front of the giant flower wall was only for 3 people, so don’t forget to bring 2 friends with you! There are also restaurants with the walls full of hearts and some other ones which are the paradise for the Instagrammers (Photo by @elan_cafe)

Elan Cafe
Credits: Elan Cafe

Dyce London (Marylebone, close to Selfridges)

27 James St

Dyce is a new very trendy Instagrammable cafe in London. It’s all decorated in pastel pink colours and the desserts in Dyce are also pretty Instagrammable!

Saint Aymes (Paddington)

 59 Connaught St

Another beautiful place that offers unique coffees, beautiful cookies and has an incredible photogenic storefront is Saint Aymes. I visited this place after it opened (3 months later or so) and it wasn’t crowded, however, now it got really Insta-famous, so expect queues as well.

Feya Cafe (Marylebone)

Another pretty pink place in the heart of London is Feya cafe that is famous for its breakfasts that are both beautiful and healthy.

Half Cup (King’s Cross)

100-102 Judd St, Kings Cross

There not so many Instagrammable places around the King’s Cross area, so Friends of Ours is pretty much the only one. Head there for unique brunch menu and charcoal lattes.

Instagrammable locations in London

Udderlicious Ice Cream Shop (Seven Dials)

24 Earlham St

Another place with a very beautiful storefront is the Udderlicious Ice Cream shop located in Seven Dials. It’s busy any time of the year (even on the coldest day in winter) and that tells you a lot.

Instagram-worthy places in Central London (streets, mews, parks etc)

London is not only about photogenic food – the entire city is very beautiful and very unique and there are so many places that are worth visiting! Some of them, more than the others, attract tourists because of it’s Instagram fame. So where are all these beautiful streets in London that you have seen all over Social Media? Let’s find out! By the way, if you’re looking for some hidden gems and secret places in London – you can read this post of mine.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of the prettiest spots in London all-year-long. In front of Covent Garden, you can find two gorgeous swings, decorated with flowers. They also have themed installations, e.g. a giant flower heart for the Valentine’s Day and a car with a flower present for Christmas. From the inside, the Covent Garden is also really impressive. And you should see how nicely it’s decorated for Christmas (oh, if you’re going to be in London for Christmas, don’t forget to check this post about the best Christmas locations in London).

Visiting London in November or December? Head to my post about the must-visit Christmas spots in London >>>

Neil’s Yard

Another amazing place in London is Neil’s Yard. The location of Neil’d Yard can’t be more central, however, it’s not so obvious how to find it, as it’s hidden from the main streets. You need to find a small alley and get in to see all this beauty.

Primrose Hill (Camden)

Primrose Hill is one of the best photo spots in London with its colourful houses and beautiful doors. Moreover, if you climb the actual Primrose Hill in Regent’s Park, you’ll see the entire panorama of London. If you watched Paddington 1&2 – that’s the street where Paddington lived with his family.

Instagram guide to London [the most instagrammable places in London] Guide by @lizatripsget


Belgravia is one of the most expensive and photogenic districts in London. It’s just nice to walk around there and take photos like this. During the Chelsea Flower Show, it gets decorated with the most beautiful flower storefronts. That’s when all the photographers in London come to Chelsea and Belgravia to take gorgeous photos. However, if you won’t witness the Chelsea Flower Show, don’t worry, Belgravia is always beautiful and always has gorgeous storefronts (especially during the Christmas time and in spring, when everything starts blooming). 

Belgravia in London

Queen Mary’s Rose Garden (Regent’s Park)

All summer long, you can see fabulous Rose Garden in Regent’s Park (and there is no admission fee). Definitely one of my favourite unusual photo spots in London! It’s not so full even on weekends and you can try to be creative and snap your perfect shot there. 

Visited the beautiful Queen Mary Rose Garden in Regent's Park

Liberty’s Department Store (Soho)

Liberty’s London is definitely the most photogenic department store in London (even more photogenic than the famous Harrods). Liberty’s is very pretty from the outside and very unique inside. As the department store is quite old and certainly wasn’t built for so many visitors, so expect it to be quite cramped inside. The most Instagtammable part of Liberty’s is the flower shop located right at the entrance (and sometimes even outside the entrance).

Leadenhall Market

The famous Harry Potter market is here – meet the Leadenhall Market. Advice: go there on the weekend for nice photos, as it’s very busy during the week with all the pubs open and people flooding the market with their pints! 

Instagram guide to London [the most instagrammable places in London] Guide by @lizatripsget

Instagrammable places in Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the most beautiful and photogenic areas in London. It’s also one of the most prestigious and expensive districts to live in London. Living in Chelsea is pretty much unaffordable unless you have your own business with a high turnover. Otherwise, you will be just like me – coming to Chelsea from another district and admiring it without actually living there. Despite its fame, Chelsea is definitely not the best-connected part of London. There’s no tube – only buses and you’ll have to either walk there from the nearest tube stations (e.g. Fulham Broadway or South Kensington or some others) or take a bus.

If you decide to head to Chelsea, you won’t be disappointed – the district is absolutely gorgeous and there are so many Instagrammable spots in Chelsea. Let’s get started with some:

The Ivy (Chelsea)

195 -197 King’s Rd, Chelsea

The Ivy in Chelsea is famous for its incredible storefront. For last Christmas, they had created an absolutely stunning entrance. Normally, it doesn’t look like this (it’s still pretty in its “normal” look), but it does get seasonal makeovers, just like Peggy Porshen.

Maitre Choux (Multiple locations, including South Kensington, Chelsea and Soho)

If you ever wondered, how does a perfect eclair look like, now you know. Maitre Choux is not only unbelievably delicious but also very very beautiful. There’s no need to sit and consume your delicious treat inside the cafes (though the newest Maitre Choux cafe in Chelsea is very Instagrammable!)

Instagrammable spots in Notting Hill

Notting Hill is absolutely amazing. Pretty much anyone in London would love to live in Notting Hill because it’s stunning. If you’re interested to learn more about Notting Hill and look at more photos from there, head to my post about the photo walk around Notting Hill.

Farm girl (brunch place)

59A Portobello Rd

Farm girl is definitely one of the most Instagrammable breakfast spots in London. Check it out for colourful coffee, pink tables (located outside, on the terrace) and photogenic colourful croissants. Are you interested to know what are the best brunch places in London? Maybe I can recommend you some – read this post about the best brunch spots in London!

Instagram guide to London [the most instagrammable places in London] Guide by @lizatripsget

Eggbreak (brunch spot)

30 Uxbridge St, Kensington

Eggbreak has been one of the first brunch places I visited in London and I really loved it. It’s photogenic, tasty and not overly expensive. However, prepare to stand in a queue for an hour or so (especially on the weekends). If you’re looking for a perfect flatlay with beautiful colourful dishes, I guess it could be worth it. 

Eggbreak - 10 best brunch spots in London that you need to visit

Instagrammable places in Shoreditch (street art + food)

Shoreditch is a hipster district full of graffiti, where you can take some really nice shots. Shoreditch would be my number one recommendation if you’re looking for cool and quirky London photo spots.

If you like street art and would love to see all the best street art spots, I recommend taking this Shoreditch street art walking tour.

AIDA Shoreditch

Head to AIDA in Shoreditch for really instagrammable colourful matchas. I love how the pink latte looks like, but it has beetroot juice in it, so it wasn’t my favourite. However, it’s pretty, isn’t it?

Aida Shoreditch

Soft Serve Society (Boxpark Shoreditch)


Oh, these charcoal ice creams! If you’re fast enough, they could be your perfect prop for a quirky unusual or urban photoshoot in London! However, they DO melt very fast, so you need to be incredibly fast. Or you can just take a photo of your hand and the ice cream. It worked for me 🙂

Fabulous Instagrammable restaurants in London - best spots for foodies

Instagrammable places outside Central London

Petersham nurseries

No words needed – look at this fabulous garden cafe in Richmond not far away from Richmond Park. It’s an absolutely perfect location for a photo shoot in London. Actually, not only Petersham Nurseries but the entire Richmond is a great place for photos in London. You can head to the Richmond Park and observe deer just wandering around or you can enjoy walking through the narrow streets of Richmond.

Petersham Nurseries

Richmond Park

Kew Gardens


Hampstead is one of the lesser famous districts for tourists, but it’s amazing and is totally worth visiting. Cute cafes, awesome houses and beautiful flower shops – all this is Hampstead. It’s also a great location for a photoshoot in London. Hampstead is also one of the best districts to live in London (and one of the most expensive places to live in London as well), so it’s definitely worth visiting for a couple of hours. You will have this feeling of a town, which is often amazing compared to the madness of touristy London.

Instagram guide to London [the most instagrammable places in London] Guide by @lizatripsget

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